Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Funny story's of the day

I have been (trying) to go to Ashley's classroom and helping while nan's at school. Currently they are working on the dreaded Country Reports.

Ashley is doing Japan as her country. Today they were working on researching Famous People. They need 3 famous people from that country. Pictures and a Paragraph. As I walked around the computer lab, I stopped at Ash's and said let me see yours quick so I don't have to check tonight at home. OMG OMG OMG

She has decided to do Famous Women of Japan. Squeezed between a political lady and a famous writer is a ...............FAMOUS PORN STAR. Now let me back up to the first moments of realization. I see the picture of a Asian woman in a tiny pink top and skirt with thigh highs and think hmm must be a singer .
Then I start reading and my eyes zero in on "rocked the porn industry on its heels" WHAT?? COME AGAIN?? so I say Ash, you need to delete this you can't have this. She said why not, my teacher saw it and said it was ok.
Now if you know my daughter she is like I was at that age and very innocent. She doesn't know about sex really aside from that's how babies are made. She doesn't know any of the perverted stuff associated or any of the other details. She doesn't know about prostitutes, strippers, escorts, massages, or porn. Why would she?

OK so back to story, I am trying to explain why it needs removed, while she is getting more upset with me and not understanding why her teacher said it was ok and I am saying remove it. Now the teacher is coming over to see whats going on , I said did you say this was ok? She said yeah I said "Did you actually read it??" She said no not really so I put my finger on the P word and she freaked out. Now of course the children are dying of curiosity to see what "goodie 2 shoes Ashley" has done to cause a commotion. LMFAO Then the teacher goes into a lecture of how they need to make sure the Famous person is someone who is famous for doing something GOOD not someone who is famous for inappropriate things.

Only my child

2nd story
Picking up Hannah from school. Yesterday they painted brown paper. Not very pretty. However today they had been cut into adorable bunnies complete with cotton ball tails. One of the Grandma's commented that Hannie's was the only bunny with cotton ball hair between its ears.
So when they came out I asked the inevitable. "Hannah, why does your Bunnie have hair?" her simple response.........."I don't want her to bald like Brittney Spears, cause that looks ugly and scary"
Nice......... Thank you so much Us, Star, and all other tabloid magazines on the shelves of walmart with that damn nasty 1/2 bald picture on the front that has now traumatized my child.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sometimes when there is nothing crazy going on I sit and think about where my children's lives are headed. I wonder what great things are in store for them. I wonder how to teach them how to incorporate their dreams into a viable reality for the future.
And at the same time not crushing their dreams. Have I become the negative person I am said to be. Is it wrong that my first thoughts when my child tells me they want to be a famous singer, that I think oh dear, you love BSpears, does that mean your going to marry a loser, get knocked up a time or two then go crazy and shave your head. Or I want to be a Supermodel, I think omg my child is going to become anorexic. I realize not all famous people crash and burn but I think about all the hardships of people trying to reach the almost impossible.
I think about the amazing differences between them and wonder how can two children, with the same parents and the same upbringing, can be so different and yet so alike. They both are very caring, loving , nurturing girls. They are both blonde, and very petite. But where one Loves being in the light and talking to everyone, the other shys away and is extra sensitive. One could care less about appearance and whats in or what everyone thinks about her, where the other loves shopping, checking out what matches, doing her nails and hair and gets very upset if someone isn't instantly pleased by what she does. I hope that over the years they learn to share and love each other for who and what they are. Take each others different perspectives to make up wonderful lives.

They are like night and day and yet they make up entire day.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I just wanted to share a picture of our princess
I don't know what it is about this picture I just think is so beautiful.
So here is Ki-Ki.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We are back

So lessons learned while going to a John Mayer concert

  1. Anything and everything is in.

Examples : Potato sack dresses IN

Messy sloppy pony tails IN as in the more jacked up it looks, the better.

Dorky guys are IN I couldn't get over the amount of NERDY DORKY GUYS with pretty cute hot chicks on their arms..........

Contrary to my feelings on it, the fuzzy Alaskan boots with the huge furry balls are IN.

Wearing the leggings with the lace at the bottom as your only bottoms, (no matter WHAT YOUR SIZE) is IN *shudder in memory*

Flip-Flops even though there is still 8 inches of snow (albeit melting) on the ground is IN

2. If your under the age of 25, its ok to take in your camera to a concert even thought it is printed on the tickets NO CAMERA'S allowed, There is posters on the doors stating NO CAMERA's, and people at checkpoints saying NO CAMERA's allowed. Now I know from now on to hide it in my bra. They wouldn't notice the large bulge. The reason I didn't attempt any crime is because of my flash back to the Dora Show I took Hannah to where the security guard threatened to take my camera away while trying to get illegal pictures of DORA!!

3. I am old. Now granted we weren't the only "old" people there but it was most definitely dominated crowd with the typical age range between 12 and 25. Example: we were in the front row of the "upper section" a group of 7 late high school- early college girls were next to us on Mark's side. When Mr. Mayer took the stage, the girls all stood up. Ok fine, but they were taking pictures (with the illegal camera) of themselves causing the flash to go off in an "older couples" faces (late 30's early 40's) The couple (who couldn't see because girls were standing up) ((let me also point out no one in upper seats were standing up but said girls because we could all see fine haha) asked them to please sit down they couldn't see and if they stood up then people behind them wouldn't be able to see and to please stop flashing the camera in their faces. On of the girls went and got a security guard and said the people sitting behind them were being Rude and Mean to them!!!! The reason this made me feel old is because I found myself cheering on the couple and not the girls who were just out to have a good time.

But aside from that haha the concert was great, no I don't have any pictures, my camera phone made everything look green.

We had a good time and I have to say the best part of the entire get away (and this is so pathetic) was waking up this morning lazily and enjoying the quiet moment I can't remember having in the morning for the longest time. No dogs barking, no cats meowing or walking on me, no kids fighting or crying or yelling. It was a 30 min of heaven.

Monday, February 19, 2007

John Mayer!!

Tomorrow is the day I can't wait. For Christmas Mark got me tickets to the DeKalb show. Mat Kearney will be the first show. I am finding I like him alot as well. It will be so fun to get away from the kids to enjoy a kid free day, dinner (with a few drinks), awesome music and overnight stay! (sorry Val, I tried to talk him into you going instead but he said time with out the kids no way haha)

So until we get back on Wed. have fun everyone, we know we will.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow days

Glorious Snow Days.
Yes it snowed another 4 inches on Saturday. Joy Joy
OK its not really that bad I know I am nuts. It gives me a reason to not go anywhere or have to do anything. I can lay around, be lazy and watch non-stop movies and read. (my favorites)
However, as you can tell I did get talked into a sledding adventure.

What was the best was how the snow was so deep someone grooved out a path so the kids would only go thru a certain way so there wasn't kids every which way with potential to get hit.

Afterwards, I drove by CAT to get some picts of the always giant snow piles from plowing the parking lots.
A, these picts are just for you. To grasp the size, check out the light pole buried on the right haha.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Did everyone hear my cries of joy??

We got in!!!
we got in, we got in, we got IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Into what you may ask......... Both of my children yes I said both not one not the other but both of my children were accepted into JOHNS HILL

Do you know what that means?
1. it means that the kids will be going to the same school.
2. it means that Ashley won't be going to TJ
3. it means we don't have to worry about what to do with Hannah before and after school when we aren't home yet
4. it means I will be able to see them since I transport cargo for this school so I will be more aware of whats going on.


I should also add here that Hannah got into French as well but gee wonder which way we will go on that one. (Not that I don't love French)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weather Update PM Edition

6:00 pm It's still snowing and blowing.
Reporter Hannah is out on the scene where there is gusting winds of 40 mph and the average NON DRIFT is 12 inches.
Here is a drift that lifts her up to the level of the numbers on the house however.

to get a better idea of where she is in above picture, the numbers on the house are to the left of the front door.
And here is good old mom up to her knee's in the front yard. Of course the boys are right behind me . I am thinking with the blowing gust that came as Ash took picture it was a perfect example of when it WOULD BE GOOD TO WEAR GLASSES.

9:30 Update

You guessed it! Its still snowing!!

This is looking across front yard at Nancy's house. Look some bare spots!!

Our mail box buried under some blowing snow. Think our mail will get wet?

Weather dog Teddy standing tall in the 10 inch drift leading to the front door. Now I say drift because I measured 10 inches but since we saw bare patches in Nancy's yard I don't want to say 10 full inches of snow.
Winter Blizzard Alert

This just in Look out Decatur its going to snow. Will keep you posted as events happen.

2-12-07 9pm (during white rapper show) snow begins. OH DEAR WHAT WILL WE DO

2-13-07 2:15 pm cats woke me up fighting. Snow continues. Its blowing ... A LOT crap what ever will we do??

5:05 BREAKING NEWS ALL DECATUR SCHOOLS CANCELED!! Its the end of the world!! what will we do?

5:15 Its still snowing and blowing. The Local News channel has alerted us that the roads will be snowy and blowy. There will be snow plows out be aware!

6:00 am News reporter in Springfield inserted a ruler in snow to gage amount so far and I quote " Well it looks like..... (insert ruler here) oooh 3 inches so far but keep in mind the day has just begun! "

6:17 am ...... The challenge is on I will keep all updated to progress of snow be prepared first update to be at 6:30 am

UPDATE 6:45 AM (yes I am late)

Weatherman Woody said its Blizzardish conditions, with snow drifts around the car of 6 inches

Monday, February 12, 2007


I have yet to talk about work on my blog. I feel like I would be committing a major crime. Something about disclosing information and such. Now let me think about this............... if I don't give locations, numbers, names, or any other identifiable information will I be committing any crime??

I think not so here goes.

First I work in "Cargo Transportation" that's all I will say you can figure it out by reading haha

Ok so I have decided to take some of my funniest incidents and share from time to time. Now I will refer to what we transport as cargo.

So Highlights from today

this came over the "speaking machine" ummm someone, I need help. The *cargo* has opened the back door and they are jumping out down the road.
(at this point another *transporter* gets on the "speaking machine" and verifies that yes indeed there is *cargo* running down the road.)
This makes me look at my own *cargo* and thank my lucky stars they haven't done this and pray that they don't hear about this over the "speaking machine" and think to try sometime.

Another *transporter* gets on the "speaking machine" and says that when they did a walk around their *transporting capsule* they didn't notice major damage. However, there is now lots of MAJOR DAMAGE on the side of their *transporting capsule*
(again another *transporter* verifies that yes there is MAJOR DAMAGE)
I am laughing so hard at this point that my *cargo* is in fear that I may drive off the road. What is so funny they ask. Well how about the fact that just last week that *transporting capsule* was HIT BY A CAR.
Since it hasn't made it in the shop yet, I suppose that yes there would be major damage. Esp since they had to raise transporter up by crane to remove car!!!!

Ok that's all I will share for today but since we are getting a big snow storm tonight I am sure there will be some good stories for tomorrow!!
Dinner Day 1

Ok It was a long day and I got home late so since I didn't get anything out today since I never made it home this afternoon we had.......drum roll please.....................

Hamburgers and Cheese Fries
family response:

Ashley. It was excellent (cleaned plate)
Hannah. Fine brlllll (funny mouth noise) {she only ate one bite of her burger and 2 fries}
Mark. What ever leave me alone

Yes It makes me want to cook again!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feeding my family

OK I love LOVE to cook. Unfortunately my family is the most annoying bunch of picky eaters they drive me nuts. In their dream worlds their weekly menu would be made up of

Day 1 hamburgers and fries (girls minus the buns at some point)
Day 2 Pizza
Day 3 Hot Dogs and chips (girls again minus buns at some point)
Day 4 Taco's (of course the girls won't eat shells of any type)
Day 5 Chicken nuggets and fries
Day 6 Hamburger helper (only the cheesy hashbrown or au gratin potato varieties)
Day 7 Steak and baked potatoes (can only be fillet Mignon for mark to eat)

Now granted these are all fine meal choices but please....... what does a food loving gal like me take away from these delicious items.....nothing

Please, let me make some pasta dishes, casseroles, pork! anything pork (except hot dogs) would be nice from time to time. Fresh veggies those are nice to have too!! Who doesn't eat Corn on the Cobb, peas, green beans , sweet potatoes, (OK well actually I am not a BIG fresh veggie fan but still willing to try)

And deserts omg if its not a cookie, brownie, or apple pie, they won't eat it. Who doesn't like home made ice cream for crying out loud!! Mark that's who. Nor Chocolate, or fruit crisps, no lemon meringue pie, cake, nope just give him a bag of twizzlers, or starburst, skittles, or laffy taffy and he is a happy camper.

What is the point of my blog you may be asking your screen. Well I am going to post for the next two weeks Items I have made and my family's response to the delicious offerings I lay before them.

And I challenge everyone who reads this to do the same.

Friday, February 9, 2007

If you send a mother to the store

You may have wondered why that is the title of my blog.
First I have to say that I love the books "If you give a Pig a Pancake"," If you give a moose a muffin", "If you take a Mouse to School" you know the ones.

I can really relate to them. You have surely also seen the mass email that goes around about "If you give a Mom a Muffin". So if you know me, you know that this is how my day is every day.

Let me give you an example. Lets take today for starters
5 30 time to get up
Let dogs out, feed dogs and cats, get dressed and ready for work , get Hannah's clothes together for the day, get movies together to go back to blockbuster so I don't have to come home after work to do it. OOH no 10 min. before time to leave (must leave house by 6 am to get nan to grannies and get to work on time) must start car...... oh crap there are the dogs forgot to get them back in house. OK ...... back on track...... ooh yeah check to see if check was deposited and for how much so can pay bills while at work.......... ooh while I am online, better print out blockbuster coupon since going so kids can pick out movie......... ooh well better check queues on netflix and bb to make sure don't duplicate movies...... oops forgot to check bank balance.....oops its 6 05... guess I better go.

ok now this is just a minor one here is what happens when I got to a store say target enter store at 9:25
OK must get dog food. Oh wait lets get Starbucks first. OK on to shopping...... Lets see if the boot socks were still marked down I really liked the ones I bought last time ...... good they had a couple... oh look they have long underwear on clearance I should try a pair since its so cold. Oh since on this side of store lets see what they marked down in kids clothes.....oh wait ...... can't buy these cute pants Hannah wears a 5 t now....they would be to little for later and she has so many for now ok never mind.... ok lets jog thru the linen aisle to see if they got in the wash rags for the bathroom yet (even though bathroom is no where near being done or done over for that matter) OOH wait all the sheets and such are marked down lets look and see what they have...... ok resisted that good job Jamie ooh yeah dog food ok back on track. OK good dog food marked down better get cat food while here. OK got cat food ooh yeah I need laundry soap. so head that way.... oh wait I need a new toilet brush. Ok found one on clearance. on on to the laundry soap. ok on sale good deal good deal. Oh yeah I need deodorant, oh and toothpaste, oh and mark needs shampoo. ok now I have everything but since I am right here I should check out the girls clothes. OOh this a cute shirt. I should see if I can find a skirt to go with it..... ooh this is cute i should see if i can find a pair of shoes to go with it oooh lets try it on Hannah. OOH this is so cute where did you find those sunglasses they go perfectly. Ok let go
Total for mass confusion shopping for dog food $84.93
Time we leave Target......... 10:50
do you see!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow Dogs

It snowed a little bit today. What does one do while kids are at school and its snowing?? You play in the snow with the dogs of course haha.

Here is the "Boys" This is Woody after a few fly snowballs.
Here is Teddy after a few rolls in the snow.

And of course Sharron had to come over with Ricki and Honey to get in on the action.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The $1000 Brownie

My anniversary is today. I am a simple girl I suppose. There is nothing I want or thing hmm that might be fun.

However I have decided that if Mark is in the mood to blow money, I think I will take this $1000 brownie.

OK who am I kidding no I wouldn't. The thought of eating Gold Dust is a bit unsettling.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Getting Ready to Leave

TO GO PICK UP ALEXIS!!! I am so excited that the time has finally come for her visit. I can't wait.

I am going to pick up Val, stopping at Starbucks where I will have to get my last very last maple latte (hehe) then off to Bloomington. After we collect our precious cargo we are off for a girls only day of movie, dinner, drinking, and shopping.

We all 3 sooo deserve it!! I think we are all bursting at the seams with excitement.

The only crappy part is the weather. Poor A is going to freeze to death not being used to the cold anymore. She is going to be treated to a whopping 6 degree's in Bloomington when she lands with wind chill of -15.
Oh well a little coffee and bailey's will warm her up quick haha

Friday, February 2, 2007

Ode to the Maple Latte

It's a sad sad week. I found out that my beloved Maple Latte is going to be discontinued. It didn't catch on so they won't be bringing it back. Boooo HOOOOO.

It was my favorite of all time. I guess I will have to enjoy the Cinnamon Dolce Latte more now.

I did however find out that you can buy the syrups from Starbucks for around $6. Unfortunately they can't sell the Maple WAAAAAAAA.

Guess I need to go get a last one before kids go to the dentist this morning.