Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weather Update PM Edition

6:00 pm It's still snowing and blowing.
Reporter Hannah is out on the scene where there is gusting winds of 40 mph and the average NON DRIFT is 12 inches.
Here is a drift that lifts her up to the level of the numbers on the house however.

to get a better idea of where she is in above picture, the numbers on the house are to the left of the front door.
And here is good old mom up to her knee's in the front yard. Of course the boys are right behind me . I am thinking with the blowing gust that came as Ash took picture it was a perfect example of when it WOULD BE GOOD TO WEAR GLASSES.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Matt was rolling at weatherman Hannah. I was laughing at the snow up to your thighs. That has to be about 15 inches!!

Val, that's me said...

Excellent pics, Jamie!! Craziness, isn't it?! Of course my not-so-smart but workaholic dh is going to work this morning. Grrrr...