Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sometimes when there is nothing crazy going on I sit and think about where my children's lives are headed. I wonder what great things are in store for them. I wonder how to teach them how to incorporate their dreams into a viable reality for the future.
And at the same time not crushing their dreams. Have I become the negative person I am said to be. Is it wrong that my first thoughts when my child tells me they want to be a famous singer, that I think oh dear, you love BSpears, does that mean your going to marry a loser, get knocked up a time or two then go crazy and shave your head. Or I want to be a Supermodel, I think omg my child is going to become anorexic. I realize not all famous people crash and burn but I think about all the hardships of people trying to reach the almost impossible.
I think about the amazing differences between them and wonder how can two children, with the same parents and the same upbringing, can be so different and yet so alike. They both are very caring, loving , nurturing girls. They are both blonde, and very petite. But where one Loves being in the light and talking to everyone, the other shys away and is extra sensitive. One could care less about appearance and whats in or what everyone thinks about her, where the other loves shopping, checking out what matches, doing her nails and hair and gets very upset if someone isn't instantly pleased by what she does. I hope that over the years they learn to share and love each other for who and what they are. Take each others different perspectives to make up wonderful lives.

They are like night and day and yet they make up entire day.


Jamie's Mommy said...

I don't think you're negative. You don't see shades of gray its either Black or White.
There is no candy coating for you.

The Girls will be fine and even though I would like to see Ashley in Sullivan's little theater (GRANDMA'S HELPFUL IDEA)
The truth still remains they will be fine.

It is what mothers do WORRY ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN

it's me, Val said...

I agree with your mommy, that is what we do, worry about our children. We wouldn't be the mothers we are if we didn't. It makes you NORMAL :)

And I agree with your mom on A being in Little Theater. What a GREAT idea. Those actors are amazing over there and I can see Ashley flourishing in it. She seems the most comfortable in the acting limelight. I think that's really neat. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

It's not being negative. It's being realistic. We all want the best for our kids and want to steer them from paths that may be destructive or bring them pain or hurt.