Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Blizzard Alert

This just in Look out Decatur its going to snow. Will keep you posted as events happen.

2-12-07 9pm (during white rapper show) snow begins. OH DEAR WHAT WILL WE DO

2-13-07 2:15 pm cats woke me up fighting. Snow continues. Its blowing ... A LOT crap what ever will we do??

5:05 BREAKING NEWS ALL DECATUR SCHOOLS CANCELED!! Its the end of the world!! what will we do?

5:15 Its still snowing and blowing. The Local News channel has alerted us that the roads will be snowy and blowy. There will be snow plows out be aware!

6:00 am News reporter in Springfield inserted a ruler in snow to gage amount so far and I quote " Well it looks like..... (insert ruler here) oooh 3 inches so far but keep in mind the day has just begun! "

6:17 am ...... The challenge is on I will keep all updated to progress of snow be prepared first update to be at 6:30 am

UPDATE 6:45 AM (yes I am late)

Weatherman Woody said its Blizzardish conditions, with snow drifts around the car of 6 inches

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Alexis Jacobs said...

This is going to be hilarious. :-)