Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Truth

So I previously posted about my search for the perfect Christmas tree.

I am not having much luck. I found one I liked but it's a gazillion dollars.
(OK not a gazillion but $399 so that's pretty close when talking about a tree)

I have gone to every store in town and it's down to the $$$ one or one that's not much less that I loved but it's in Springfield which isn't too far away but I hate to go when I don't really have the time right now.

There for all of this has me in a very BAH HUM BUG mood. I actually change the channel when Christmas music come on the radio. I have purchased only two Christmas presents so far. I have done absolutely NO DECORATING. And the worst part is to be honest I have no desire.

Not sure what exactly my hang up this year but I need to get over it. My kids are getting very angry with me.

Has anyone else had this feeling before? Or now? How did you get over it??

Friday, November 23, 2007

Some times wii get lucky

Yes you see correctly. I now have in my possession 2, count them 1 and 1 makes 2, wii systems. After hearing of how lucky I was yesterday and knowing of a store in town that was going to be having more, my good pal Alexis said her son Chris wanted on and it was top on his list.

So being in the KNOW, and knowing they were expecting the spill over from the unlucky ones who were going to be standing in line at Wal-Mart to fight over the 4 (yes only 4) units they were getting in, I headed to (place I shall not name to not get anyone in trouble) where I heard they were going to have 22. So at 4 30 again I headed over and thought there was a huge line but alas only 4 other people there. 2 of them were right behind me the day before. It was a nice chat and after only 10 minutes, the manager came in for the day and handed up vouchers for the 12 units they actually had. I got number 5 of 12!! Woo Hoo!! The even had in stock 2 of the Guitar Hero 3 that hubby wanted for Xmas. Jack Pot Baby

So for my good buddy Chris......... here you go merry Christmas!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

This little piggy

One little piggy went to the market
Many little piggies stayed home
Some started their roasted turkeys
Other piggies were just plain dumb
But this little piggy went wii, wii, wii all the way home

Yes yes yes. At 4 30 I drove up to k-mart. The add said they had some wii's in stock. Mark checked out the parking lot on his way to work. The count was around 8 cars. Ok I can do this. So I walked up to the scary crowd who informed me there was only 7 wii's and I was number 8. My response was "I will take my chances" so I stayed. I watched ,as the mean people who stayed in their chairs since 9pm last night in the 30 degree weather, in horror as they informed each person who came after me that they were shit out of luck there already weren't enough wii's for the people currently in line. That they were going to mace people who tried to cut line.

It was all so interesting. While I Waited. In the Cold. Doors not opening till 7 am. For a Wii that already there wasn't enough for me...........

and guess what............... I got ticket number............................


of 7!


I have the golden ticket. Now the scary part is I left to come back later. Will I get mugged when I go get my wii??

Wish me luck as I go Wii.......... Wii.................Wii all the way home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Tree Decisions

Fake or no Fake. That is the question.

Last year I made Mark throw away our 10 + year old artificial tree so I would be FORCED to replace it. (We had talked about tossing it for about the past 3 years and never did.)

So that being said I now have to decide what tree to get. Do I go with a real tree? Our past history with real trees isn't a good one. We have done the go to the parking lot stop and picked out trees that were "perfect" only to get them home and have to tie to curtain rods, nail to floor to attempt to get straight. We had a cat decide to explore the tree while doing last minute shopping the night before Christmas to come home to every ornament and 1/2 the lights busted from the impact of the tree crashing to the floor (that was a sad sad night) (( also said cat left our home the next month))

So I have been considering a real again but as I said am a bit nervous and the cats we have now are very curious. I know that artificial trees have come a long way in the past 10 years. Now you can get pre-lit. You can get rotating stands, you can get music, and the branches are already on you just swing them up and down. So that's all exciting.

I have been surfing the net and look at what I have found..........

The ever wonderful UPSIDE DOWN TREE! Who knew!!
What about the purple or blue tree

What do you think??

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blog Brag

ok my good good pal Brigitte just started a blog FINALY so I have to promote everyone to check it out and cheer her on in the blogging world!!

Its called Good Things Come In Sevens ( you know because she has 5 yes 5 beautiful children)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deep Thoughts

by Jack Handy...............lmao does anyone remember those from Saturday Night Live? Man this will make me sound ancient but is snl still on?? There is no way I could ever stay up anymore to watch it. Who's brilliant idea was it anyway to have it air at 10 30 at night anyway?? That show should be Prime time baby!!

Ok anyway now that I have veered off subject haha

I have noticed lately of being plagued by Deep Thoughts. I don't know if it means I am hitting a mid life stride and becoming more aware of things around me or what. Some examples

Fall is so beautiful. I love looking at the trees early in the morning while the sun is shining thru the leaves and the night sky is behind the tree. It is breath taking.

The sun coming up in the morning. I love it when I leave for work the sun is starting to come up but still not visible. Then while I am driving I know exactly where I should be by the location of where the sun is in the sky. And then I think that I am a tiny dot standing on a giant orb that is turning and while that is going on a huge fire ball that's gazillions of years old and soooooooooo far away is heating me up.

The Moon. I love looking at quarter moons and still being able to see the rest of it and how it has light on it. I stand there and think WOW people have actually walked on that and that is AMAZING. To think that we come from a time when wheels were made of rocks haha.

Dinosaurs. HOLY COW. Could you imagine them walking around. And they were real! I guess its something that they are gone I can't see them dodging our cars very well.

Life is good. I have recently realized how truly blessed and lucky I am. I have two beautiful healthy daughters. I have a husband who comes home every night and who loves me. I am healthy. I have a home. I have a car and it works. I don't have to worry every time I get in it, will it start? I have Job security. I don't go to work every day wondering if dh or I will be unemployed and how would we pay or bills? I have friends and family. They love me and we help each other out. I know that if something terrible did ever happen I would have someone to lean on. I would not be alone.

OK I am rambling but WOW I AM SO LUCKY. And the world is amazing. And no I am not drunk nor have I been drinking haha

Have a great ponderous day!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I say this every time I blog but I can't get over how hectic life is. The scary part is I don't do half of what most other mom's do. Kudos to them. I can barely keep up with the day to day.

Here is the briefing of the Frederick house of late:

  • Hannah refuses to wear socks , pants, tights, or sweaters or coats. The "touch" her skin. big old fat Mark sigh ..........................

  • I had to go shopping to purchase her long skirts and dresses not such an easy task as one might think especially in winter. What has happened to children's fashion? there are some pretty ugly things out there.

  • I realized that I have almost entirely payed Ashley's show choir tuition. Now to take out a lone for the price of tickets to attend her shows......

  • I have to work Bingo on Black Friday to go towards a Show Choir trip that my daughter is not going to.... no no logic on my part there.

  • I made a big decision that Ashley WASN'T going on trip and I am sticking to my guns despite the booster club trying to beat me into changing my mind.

  • I picked up a permanent work study at work so I now work 36 hours a week ARG what was I thinking...... does that mean I am full time now or still part time??

  • We had a scare with the Washing Machine and I thought she was a goner. Luckily she has been revived and going strong. The thought of getting a new one sent me in panic.

  • I think the biggest deal I will be getting on Black Friday is new tires. What does that say about me? haha sounds kind of red necked.

  • We are having Thanksgiving Dinner at the Cracker Barrel again this year ........... (another of Mark's sighs here)

That about sums up what's been on my mind lately. Not much of anything as you can tell.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's all about ME!!

OK so we all know how well about how I always purchase things for everyone but me.

Well today all that changed. I bought thing for me , me!, ME!!!

And I am so excited I wanted to share.

I have been wanting a portable DVD player for my longer trips to catch up on all the Blockbuster movies I pay for and don't have time anymore to watch.

So a little bird told me about the Early Bird sale Kohl's was having this morning and about the $99 dvd player they were going to have. (ok it was $129 with a $30 mail in rebate.)

So I was up at 5 and at 6 on the dot I rolled into Kohl's grabbed my dvd player and started nosing around at what else they may have. I loaded up my cart with clothing I needed and remember that my sheet on my bed just ripped the night before (blaming the cats for this one) so off to the home department I went. As I cruised the aisles, I heard the sound of Angels singing because before me was a.................. $459 500 thread count 650 fill power (or what ever they call it haha) Hungarian Down Comforter. Ahhhhhh........... I had to have it I decided it must be MINE. SO after some thinking and planning I put back all the clothing and made my purchase. It was like a dream come true. Oh what is that you saying what was I thinking?? I guess I forgot to mention it was............. 80% off !!!!!!!!!!!! That means it was $90!!!! I was so all over that thing.

Then after that I decided I needed a carry case for my dvd player so I went to Wal-Mart where I found another 9 inch dvd player for....... $89.

So I took back the one from Kohl's and had instant gratification of not having to use a $30 m-i-r and also saving $10.

Some days its good to get up early!!!

Here is to me :P

Friday, November 2, 2007

Better Late Than Never

So I am really bad. Last week was Hannah's 6th Birthday. I didn't get on to post about what a bitter sweet week it was. But since I have been up since 3 am and have all my house work caught up, I will now!!

So on Wed. the 24th, Hannah turned 6. All day on the 23rd, I kept walking around saying, OH Wow this was hour 8 of my labor with Nan, or this was hour 12, 15, 18 , 21, (you get the picture). Yes , 23 hours of labor with my fabulous wonderful beautiful Hannah. I went in at 5 am on the 23rd for them to break my water and she was born exactly 5 o2 am the next day. It sucked , It was horrible, all the things you would expect for a full fun filled joy packed entire day of labor. But at the end came Nan and we all who know this curly toe headed Cinderella of a girl know just how worth it it was. The child who at age 4, 5, and now even 6 says at just the most opportune times, "Mommy, I still wish I lived in your tummy." We have visions of her the day of her birth, in my womb with her arms and legs outstretched in the X position clinging on to what ever she can to NOT COME OUT. She tells us all her favorite shows were on in there. And was it ever warm and toasty. Apparently she finds the world a cold place (see her point on that) And it was Happy , Oh so Happy.

So to my Clingy Princess Baby, Happy Birthday!


Since the kids are 12 and 6, and Mark and I were dead on our feet we did the parenting move I have always bad mouthed over the years. I still can't believe we did it. And yet it was the best Halloween EVER!!

What did we do you ask?? We did drive by trick or treating. Yes, Yes, yes. We sat our happy asses in the van with the heat on and drove along with the kids while they went door to door. Every so often with the glee and excitement of the feeling of freedom they were
having, they yelled "Why do you keep following us??" haha like we would just go park a few blocks over and wait...... I think not.

In the end it worked well because I stayed warm, Mark and I had a quiet moment to talk and listen to "oldies" on the radio (circa 80's haha) and the kids walked themselves to exhaustion. As far as I see it a win win for all!! Now I am officially TRASH MOM!! WOO HOO