Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Funny story's of the day

I have been (trying) to go to Ashley's classroom and helping while nan's at school. Currently they are working on the dreaded Country Reports.

Ashley is doing Japan as her country. Today they were working on researching Famous People. They need 3 famous people from that country. Pictures and a Paragraph. As I walked around the computer lab, I stopped at Ash's and said let me see yours quick so I don't have to check tonight at home. OMG OMG OMG

She has decided to do Famous Women of Japan. Squeezed between a political lady and a famous writer is a ...............FAMOUS PORN STAR. Now let me back up to the first moments of realization. I see the picture of a Asian woman in a tiny pink top and skirt with thigh highs and think hmm must be a singer .
Then I start reading and my eyes zero in on "rocked the porn industry on its heels" WHAT?? COME AGAIN?? so I say Ash, you need to delete this you can't have this. She said why not, my teacher saw it and said it was ok.
Now if you know my daughter she is like I was at that age and very innocent. She doesn't know about sex really aside from that's how babies are made. She doesn't know any of the perverted stuff associated or any of the other details. She doesn't know about prostitutes, strippers, escorts, massages, or porn. Why would she?

OK so back to story, I am trying to explain why it needs removed, while she is getting more upset with me and not understanding why her teacher said it was ok and I am saying remove it. Now the teacher is coming over to see whats going on , I said did you say this was ok? She said yeah I said "Did you actually read it??" She said no not really so I put my finger on the P word and she freaked out. Now of course the children are dying of curiosity to see what "goodie 2 shoes Ashley" has done to cause a commotion. LMFAO Then the teacher goes into a lecture of how they need to make sure the Famous person is someone who is famous for doing something GOOD not someone who is famous for inappropriate things.

Only my child

2nd story
Picking up Hannah from school. Yesterday they painted brown paper. Not very pretty. However today they had been cut into adorable bunnies complete with cotton ball tails. One of the Grandma's commented that Hannie's was the only bunny with cotton ball hair between its ears.
So when they came out I asked the inevitable. "Hannah, why does your Bunnie have hair?" her simple response.........."I don't want her to bald like Brittney Spears, cause that looks ugly and scary"
Nice......... Thank you so much Us, Star, and all other tabloid magazines on the shelves of walmart with that damn nasty 1/2 bald picture on the front that has now traumatized my child.


Leesha said...

I'm totally rolling...your kids are too adorable and too funny!!

Hang in there are doing a wonderful job!

Alexis Jacobs said...

OMG OMG OMG I am cracking up. I wonder if I showed Matt this entry if he would know who the Japan star was :rolleyes:

it's me, Val said...

Lmao Alexis! I was wondering the same thing!

Great story, Jamie! Only you!!!

Jamie's mommy said...

Trauma and Drama theses are the days of our life.

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Fear daughter would do the same thing... :)

Loved your stories....just dropping by from the party!