Friday, February 29, 2008

Problem with tv after wii use?

OK I will keep this short. It's not so much informational as searching for help.

We got a Wii around Thanksgiving. We hooked up to living room tv (a tv/vhs/dvd combo and yes I know they suck) and played our hearts out. Right after Christmas/ new years, the tv quit working. You turn it on, and it instantly turned off. We took to a shop where he said he could fix it.
Three weeks later he says oops can't fix.

We then bring Ashley's 12 inch to the living room and hook up the wii and continue on in happy wii bliss fashion. Now her tv (tv/dvd combo) won't turn on. You turn it on , it turns right back off. Same EXACT thing the first tv did. Nothing at all is hooked up to it. What could this possibly be??

Any help much appreciated before we go purchase a new tv only to have this happen again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WW : Butterfly Breakfast

Peer Pressure

We teach (or try to anyway) our kids to not give in to Peer Pressure. But as adults do we practice what we preach? I can say that for me no I don't.

Time and time again something comes up that I don't whole heartily believe or want to do and yet because my peer's do it, I cave and do it too. Now granted it's never anything bad or illegal, just things I don't agree with. I suffer from "NSN" syndrome. In case you haven't heard of it, it's Never Say NO. I can not say those 3 words. No matter how much I don't want to do it, I NEVER SAY NO. I then call up my friends and complain about the evil person who is putting up to the said task.

This ends today. That said I want everyone to know it's nothing against you but in the future you will ask me to do something and I WILL SAY NO!!! It won't be on everything of course but if it's really something I don't want to do , I will say no.

Today I stood a mini ground and quietly ,secretly , stated a small NO shout. And it was heard. And I got my way!!! So I am now feeling empowered. Next time it will be a bigger NO.

Now I will be staying at home this weekend and totally vegging out and being lazy and I am excited!!

How many of you suffer from NSN? Have you ever decided to start standing your ground?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am asking for Prayer's for one of Mark's fellow Manager's. Her 3 year old daughter was rushed to St. Johns yesterday with Acute Liver Failure. She has now been transferred to Chicago and is in a coma. My heart goes out to both. Mom is a single mom so I can't begin to imagine how hard and painful this is. Please keep them both in your thoughts.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well here we go

I am showing you my inner most parts.

This is what my hip X Rays look like. All I can say is I am glad that I am not a Dr., because if someone showed me this, I would say it sure looks fine to me. But apparently not.

I was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia 8 years ago. It bothers me some days but most days, not. However this winter has been a bit more painfully. So I called the DR, to get some drugs( I haven't taken anything since I was diagnosed for the pain)
The Dr said she would feel more comfortable with me getting X rays to make sure nothing new has appeared.

OK fine off I go like a good girl.

I get a phone call from the Dr letting me know she wants to send my X-rays to the Ortho. Dr because its beyond her expertise. Sigh........ OK fine

Then I get another phone call to let me know that now I have to go see a Specialist in St. Louis because its beyond the regular Ortho Surgeons' Expertise. Yikes

So supposedly this X Ray shows "Drastic Deterioration" for my age

yeah right..............

Wish me luck.................. I think.............. I really am not wanting to get the hip replacement they told me 8 years ago to get ready for.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Brag for a Moment

For Christmas we purchased a new kitchen table. Not a big thing for most people, but since we never purchase furniture, it's HUGE for us. Last night as we ate pizza, and we were able to sit at the table together with two pizza's on the table and still tons of room, my family laughed at me because I kept saying "Look I can eat and not have to get up to get anything for anyone because we can have everything we need on the table." Or "Look both pizza's are on the table at the SAME TIME!!" I know the smallest things bring me the greatest enjoyment haha.