Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mixed Reviews

Today was a busy day. I had a 9am appointment at Mr. John's School of Cosmetology (they suck) to get a manicure and a pedicure. I met up with gal pal Danielle for our girl only date. Due to unforeseen circumstances, her sitter canceled. Since the lady that took my appointment asked if we were going to have kids, I figured that my change from no to yes wouldn't be a big deal. I convince Dani that it would be OK we will just take her two children.

So as we walk into Mr. Johns (they suck), I said Jamie and Danielle for our 9 am mani and pedi appointment. The lady said "umm and what are you doing with those?" I said "Excuse me? What do you mean?" She then pointed her freshly painted freakishly long BLACK nails at the girls and said "Those children, we can't have children in here unless they are getting the work done." I said in response that I have been with 5 children in here before and its never been a problem and also the lady on the phone had asked and acted like its nothing big so that's why we had decided that due to a sitter falling thru we had the girls. To this she did a sigh, roll of the eyes and said " UGH That would have been one of my LITTLE HELPERS"

She then in her disgusted sneer said "Well this is a professional establishment to cater to Adults and we can't have THOSE CHILDREN in here, we have had children put nail polish in their mouths before. "

At this point I said "Never mind we will just reschedule at a later date so as to not ruin the atmosphere of your FINE ESTABLISHMENT" Then I started walking out the door. Now during this quick exchange, poor Dani was getting her girls to the sitting area only to have me say lets go I will not Pay for a B with an itch to do my nails.
So that being said (Mr. John's sucks) I said fine we will go home get my girls out of bed and have a kid fun day. So we took all the girls to the Children's Museum (they rock) where the kids could be as hyper and obnoxious as they wanted and everyone loved it and thought they were so darned cute. (The Museum people rock)

From there we had lunch at the International House of Buffet. Where the kids got to eat 10 lbs of Ice Cream (IHB rocks) and no one cared because I was all about let the kids be kids and screw professional establishments.

Then we went our separate ways where my girls and I went to get Ashley's hair cut and donated 13 inches to Locks of Love.

Then I took her to the dollar store where she picked out $5 worth of hair clips and head bands which actually she ended up with 10 head bands, 6 clips and 5 barrettes.
Lastly to round out the day I thought I would stop at the Cedar Lake Nursery. They had Pink Dogwood trees I asked for for Mothers Day and Mark wanted to know how much. Well needless to say at $169 a tree, I knew I wasn't going to be getting one but we figured we would check out the rest of their stuff while there. Sooo instead we got these
for a mere $16.95
which is an awesome deal considering that they are HUGE.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Internet always amazes me in what I find just aimlessly lurking around cyber world.

Here are some things that blow me away:

Ok we all knew there was Netflix and Blockbuster online movie rentals. What an awesome concept right?? well what other rental categories is there you may wonder?
Here are a few to think about
In the market to change purses alot?? Try Bag Borrow or Steal

Do you need a special occasion outfit for your child but hate to buy an $$ outfit to only wear once?

Need some Bra Bling? Check out Borrowed Bling where you can rent some bling bling for 3 small amounts per month.

Have a Special Man in your life and want to get him a nice gift? Try renting some massaging hands. (ok laughing my ass off about this one) sorry ladies this is only for the men apparently.

Want to rent a chest? Go Here.

Husband or Wife busy and you want to go out? Just rent a date for the night. Heck you can even tell them what to wear.

Have small things around the house you need help with and your kids fight you on doing it?? Just rent a kid they will love walking the dog.

Hope this helps in your search for rental items.

(** just added**) Ashley saw me looking at the rent a kid site and asked why I was looking at renting a kid when I had them. My response is you two aren't doing everything I asked. She then said OOH well, if you get a boy can you get a cute one?? Dear lord help me now.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thoughts on Thursday

I posted recently about a Church here in town that has Quotes that really make you think. So here is the one I saw this week that really makes you think.

I believe that you don't have to change friends as long as you understand friends change.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


6lbs of chicken still frozen
where? fridge
when? Last night after Mark took milk out of back of top shelf.
who? I don't know or Not me
why? No freaking clue

What I do know is this..... After digging in the freezer 5 times, Making Mark take complete inventory of its contents with me, he was ready to send me off to the loony bin. It didn't help that I kept walking thru the house saying where is my damn chicken?
But I mean come on wouldn't you do the same? He kept telling me maybe I never bought it, maybe we ate it, maybe I threw it away.

Ok to a man that all may make sense but come on ladies. I am sure every one of us could list off exactly whats in the freezer right now. I just bought the stinking chicken Saturday morning and divided it up in the baggies I knew it was there. I know that I say and do some pretty off the wall stuff but I AM NOT CRAZY!
I mean, I was seriously thinking who came into my house and stole only my chicken? Why didn't they take my steaks too? Are they not good enough steaks?

Anyway the only thing I can come up with is tweedle dee or tweedle dumb was in the freezer for something and the chicken fell out. They couldn't figure out how to get it back in so instead of asking for help or telling someone, they shoved it in the back of the fridge. Thank goodness it was still frozen. I would have been one ticked off chick if I would have had to cook up 6 lbs of chicken today LOL

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


6 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast.

Description.......4 quart sized freezer bags with 3 breast each.
Last seen Saturday April 21 approximately 11 am.

Please, if you have any information concerning the whereabouts of my future dinner, please leave a message in the comment section. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Windy Day

So the weather was beautiful today but a bit windy. However, thanks to Grandma Frederick, we had a great day. The girls both received new kites for Easter so today was the perfect day to break them out. We didn't even have to run to get them going just hold out and they were off.

Budgets and other boring stuff
This week was an emotional one that's for sure.
With Monday being a half day and the tragic event that unfolded. Tuesday I had a trip all day.
Wednesday I was witness to a high speed chase and shoot out then had a trip all day.
Thursday I took a break and went to lunch with a friend.
Friday again I had a trip all day but this one was a class trip for Ashley so I also got to chaperon.
Saturday was spent grocery shopping and cleaning.
Does it ever end?

I am starting to feel the crazy tension you get before the school year is over. Trips are popping up left and right. This will be good news next year but for this year it stresses me out so. Trying to balance between wanting to make much $$ and being home in the afternoons with Hannah because of sitter issues is driving me bonkers. I just keep saying about 5 more weeks and its done for awhile.

As for home home life things are ok. It has been decided that Jamie needs to learn to live in a budget. This is very important for me to realize that I can do this. Now if I could quit having anxiety attacks before going into a store..... I actually am getting to where I don't want to go in a store because I don't want to be tempted to get off budget. The thing is everyone knows I am a bargain shopper. But I am an addictive bargain shopper. Is it really bargain shopping if you don't need it or hadn't planned on getting it?? Perfect example. Back in January I bought Hannah a beautiful burgundy velvet short sleeved jacket. I thought it would be so cute over some jeans. It was a mere $4.98 from its original price of $28. Here comes the BUT........ I have YET to find a shirt to go under it. It turns out the sleeves are so short that normal short sleeved shirts look bad with the ends of the sleeves popping out. Any shirt with a collar doesn't look right and any patterns or design in front looks bad as well. The perfect solution would be a satin cream silk tank. Anyone know where they make cami tops in satin for a 5 year old?? LMAO

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Worst Day of My Life.

OK beginning to question my career. I don't want to say what all I witnessed today but...... Lets just say I had the closest seat in the house for 10 minutes of this event and I didn't know that when guns went off the puff of dust you see on tv is the real deal. sigh........

Here are the stories to fill in the blanks
Story one
Story two

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hopes for the Future...........
Yes, ok I am going to whine.......
I want some freaking warm weather NOW!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cat on the Hat. Corny I know. Pebbles loves to read.

OK Hannah went to the bookcase to pick out a book and before she could look her buddy pebbles jumped up to give his opinion. Just yet more proof we are a household FULL of avid readers!

From the mouth's of babes.

From time to time Hannah says something that just makes me laugh and say "wow I am so lucky to be her mom"


The other night Mark and I were lying in bed watching TV (shocker!). He had something Hannah wanted and he said to her I will give it to you if you give me something that goes here (insert him pointing to his cheek)
She said "hmmm" he said "Hannah what can you give me that goes here?" (again insert him pointing to his cheek)
With a big jump up in the air and her eyes all aglow she said................... "SHAVING CREAM??".
I thought I was going to die.
He said "no Hannah I meant a kiss." She then said "Oh well can I give you money instead?"

Boy I love that girl.
Quotes. I don't usually post quotes but I saw one today that really made me think and I wanted to share

Don't let yesterday use up today.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Girls Magazines ........ Who knew what a horrible journey it would be to find a decent magazine for your pre-teen daughter.

The idea was simple.

For the Easter Baskets this year, I would pick out a few appropriate magazines and let the girls spend some time looking, reading, and enjoying then pick one they would like to have a subscription to.

However, things don't go as planned. So here is a break down of the current girls magazines and my likes, dislikes of how or why they did or did not make the cut.

American Girl : This magazine is a bit more geared to the younger set. I did get an issue of this however just to let her check it out. I would say 7-10 would be a decent age group for this. I did however like its simplicity.
So Pros: NO SEXUAL Content
Cons: A bit pricey at 6 issues for $23 for not many pages.

CosmoGirl : OOH MY ok my mom said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. OK well we know I don't always listen to my mom. So this magazine is perfect for training your daughter to be a hooker, or slut.
Pros: Cheap 8 issues for $10
Cons: Topics such as The New Dating Rules where they talk about how its not called "going out" anymore but you hookup. Oh and 5 Hot New Kisses and Be a Model where they go into the pros and cons of Modeling. Such as Pros traveling, Cons someone saying your nose is too big. Not Con you have to starve to death to fit in the sample sizes.

Discovery Girl : They didn't have this one in the store. I looked online and will be checking this out. So I can't really push this as to good or bad not being totally informed so I will go for pros for me wanting to check this out:
Clothes not slutty
Articles genuine such as are brand labels important, embarrassing moments such as not getting locker opened and a boy helping only to find once it opened she had picts of him with hearts all over it (ahh I remember those days) and hiding candy wrappers in room only to had dad find out.

Girls Life : The Cover was cute. But looks can be deceiving. This one almost passed but upon very close inspection this was bad
Articles such as Dangerous Liaison's teens tell real stories of dating violence. umm no
Get Fit workouts to tighten your bum. um no
Pros: Again Liked the Cover and loved the famous people they were featuring
Cons: Content not age appropriate.

New Moon : OK again found this one online so can't diss this too much with out actually seeing it but from the issue they had online I have 3 words to say will come from possibly getting this for my child. FUTURE FEMINIST LESBIAN.

Six, 7,8 : Purchased this one, love this on. It is geared to ... you guessed it 6, 7, and 8th graders. Articles such as How to Survive a New School, How to Get Organized, Consequences of Gossiping.
Pros: nice , clean , age appropriate magazine
Cons: Didn't see any!!

Teen : I used to LIVE AND BREATH this magazine. I loved it. And so many stars of now started in Teen! But oh my the content is different today. Would be ok for over the age of 15 year olds I suppose. Not the middle school girl as it was in our day.
Pros: Not the worst on the block
Cons: Boys, Boys, Boys is that really really the only thing on teen girls minds?

Seventeen: I remember this as the BAD magazine. Its appropriate for girls at the age of ... 17 haha no younger. Because its very open about sex and no child of mine is going to think about the S word until after the age of 17! haha right?

Ok now in no way is any of this to be held against the magazines this is MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Day of fun. Our Friends Val, Noah, and Maia came over to play today. We colored Easter eggs, and decorated cookies. It was such and nice, fun , much needed day. I love watching the joy shining from the children's eyes. It went to fast. But here are some vibrant, colorful, beautiful pictures to share and remember by.

Tuesday was Hannah's Easter Party.
In general she had a great time. Mark and I were the lucky suckers who volunteered to help set it all up. Hide over 100 eggs yep that's our favorite thing to do haha. Oh no wait Marks favorite was Bible Bingo my bad haha. Or mostly the flutes they received when they won bingo.

Anyway on the way home MOM realized that this will be her last school party she can attend due to the fact that all parties in regular school are during my pm routes. Sniff Sniff as pathetic as I am I actually enjoy the kids during their sugar fests.

This is the Spring Tree scene that Hannah's class has worked on for the last month. It is so pretty.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April Fools Day!!!

Where have I been? I got a new puppy and have been playing mommy!!

ok April Fools we know I am not THAT CRAZY!! 2 dogs, and 2 cats, and 2 kids is enough for me haha

I have no clue where I have been. Just yesterday I realized I haven't been to Target in 2 weeks!!! I hope they didn't go under w/out me!!

I guess just working, cleaning, keeping up with kids, the usual has kept me so busy I haven't been getting on the computer.

Last weekend we did a clean house on Saturday, and yard work Sunday. Then for about 3 days when I was home we were outside not doing much of anything enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we had.

Friday, I took a just for me day and went to Springfield for my Book sale (it was a dud this year) and then off to the Mall where I proceeded to lock myself out of my car and had to wait 2 hours for Mark to make it over to let me in van. Then by the time we got home I was so exhausted from shopping while waiting, and stress that was it for me.

Saturday we had my Great Grandma's 90th! Birthday Party. Shockingly almost all the family came. This means people who didn't talk to each other for a year got to spend time together it was nice.

Then today I have been Betty Home Maker. I made cupcakes for the girls to decorate to celebrate Spring, then I made up 4 loaves of homemade bread, to have with dinner and freeze to make up for my lack of cooking for the past 3 days haha.

So that pretty much sums it up!
Hopefully I will be better next week. Will keep everyone updated and have a great week!