Sunday, March 18, 2007

I realize I haven't been posting much lately. I feel as though I am living in a big fog. I am so exhausted by life's daily day to day I have felt that I can't get ahead. But today I am feeling better. So far no drama.

Between getting the house back in order with the bathroom ordeal, home life issues, and work drama ( dang them) it was so overwhelming.

But today is a new day and the beginning of a new week so watch out here I come. My goal for today is to finish getting the house put together (all I really need to do is sweep, mop and get all laundry put away) sit down and watch the pile of movies I have had for about 2 weeks now, and finish my book! I am so behind on my reading.

Happy Sunday everyone and have a great week!

Ok so I have people wondering why candles are not to go into the new bathroom. Here is a picture reminder haha.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Burning Bathroom Questions Answered

Mark did all the work. He is getting a Good Boy Award. He even GASP
painted!!!! And Mark Does Not Paint. Granted he didn't do the color wash part or trim but he did help roll the base coat.

The trim is painted and going down right this second as I type this. (this means that Teddy is barking and attacking the nail gun hose haha) All Mark need to do when done with that is swap out the outlets. The reason we do this is because all the outlets are messed up (you have to leave things unplugged 1/2 way for them to work).

The reason I ended up taking back the first set of towels is because believe it or not it didn't match. The green/blue color went perfectly. However the moss green and the cream color didn't go. Now when I purchased those it was taking into mind that I would be getting a bone colored toilet and sink and oak vanity and medicine cabinet. Since we ended up doing the white with the shiny chrome and white porcelain accents on the towel racks, toilet paper roller, shower rod, and sink handles, the cream color wasn't going to well. My neighbors all agreed that it wasn't so good. And the walls ended up looking more teal than a dusty shade. BUT, I like this stuff much much more. I feel very relaxed and it gives it more of a CLEAN modern spa feel to it.

As for Candles, umm well I said to Mark the other day I wonder what scent Yankee Candle would go in there with those colors. I was threatened within an inch of my life haha. No candles, no way , no how are allowed in the bathroom EVER. so of course I asked about a potpourri burner hehe

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Newest Update!

No I haven't fallen off the planet. We are here being busy bee's but alas, the job is almost complete. We had our typical share of drama's such as, not being able to get the sink/vanity set I wanted due to our plumbing is done ass backwards and the first toilet we put in having a crack in it. And then when I finished painting, realizing that the 9 complete sets of towels in 3 different colors no longer worked in the bathroom haha!

But I made the 6 30 pm Sunday night mad dash to target and its Done!!

Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed in its beauty!!

I proudly give you my new bathroom

Now of course the colors aren't true in the pictures. The toilet is white as is the floor. All that we have left to do is touch up a couple ceiling spots, paint and put down new trim, and change out the electrical outlets and put on the new face plates. Oh and buy more towels since the new set I liked is $9.99 a towel. I got one set so far haha Ummm a bit pricey for my budget But... I am so in love with my bathroom. Its insane haha. Now if only I can find an elf to do my hall and living room.....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bathroom Update

So I haven't updated in awhile about the bathroom. In fact once I decided that I HATE oil based paint, I never got any farther than the edge work on the primer. Now I told myself that I wasn't in fact lazy but that it didn't make sense to prime when I would have to touch up so much after we got the new toilet, sink, vanity, mirror, and lights since they would all be different sizes or shapes right??

Ok sooo.... Mark is on vacation this week and decided to actually do something with this project.

I came home to this

Now in case your wondering, this is my bathroom floor. He has pulled up my vinyl and underneath was a fabulous press board sub floor. And alas under the 12 or more year decayed press board is an equally wet Plywood. It is totally saturated and WET (yes its so dark because the wood is soo wet that it instantly makes anything that touches it SOAKED)

Now all this would be ok to live with if I knew that tomorrow he would be fixing this but, no, no. His dad will be here on Friday or Saturday to help on this project. Someone please, PLEASE tell me what to do for the next 3 days. How am I going to shower or pee w/o getting particle board splinters?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party

So its time!! At 5 minutes for mom, they are hosting a BLOG PARTY!!

What's my favorite thing to do? Read BLOGS!! So go check them out, sign up to share your blog and read up on what everyone else is doing. And the best part, Prizes will be given away.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Professional Photographer

For Christmas, Hannah got the Fisher Price Digital Camera.I think she is trying to be like our friend Val who takes the most amazing pictures. Most of the pictures Hannah takes are total crap (shhh don't tell her I said this) and the quality of the pictures are of course that of a kids camera but we laugh hysterically at most such as ................ this

she takes pictures of her messy room then brings the camera to me to tell her what to pick up first

these obviously Ashley took,

this must be something about her room she loves,
and then you have ones like this...........your guess is as good as mine as to what the subject is. I will tell you the pink in the background is a purse so it can't be her ass.........

Friday, March 2, 2007

My Getting to know me post. (for new visitors)

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 5.

We live in Central Illinois.

I work part time in the "precious cargo transportation industry"
(hint I work same hours my children have school haha)
My husband of 12 years works long hours so I do most of the child rearing. And what a fabulous job I do at it.

My blog is a summary of the daily in's and out's of my motherhood/adulthood experiences.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me!