Saturday, January 26, 2008

We did it again!

They did it again!!

Last night we went to the Danville Invitational. There was 11 different schools there and man everyone was nervous. Especially because 2 of the groups had dropped out last Friday so we didn't know how there show was going to be and then rumors flew that Mt. Zion who hosted last week changed their entire show.

I guess it didn't matter!!

We won Outstanding Visual Presentation, Outstanding Music Sound, Outstanding Female Soloist, one of the kids received and All Star Performer award and.........Grand Champion again!! There was only 2 other awards so it was almost a clean sweep.

Now I fear that the other close area's are going to be holding a major grudge at the next competition.

On a different note it was a bit of a sad night for out Ashley. Because she was so excited last week and yelled A-LOT she lost her voice. The girl who did her solo last night is who won best female vocalist. It was a hard lesson and she wanted to leave immediately so I didn't get any group pictures afterwards. After a bit of prodding she admitted that she was mad at herself and no one else so that's good. We have two weeks before the next competition so she should be rearing to go by then.

They put me to work so I didn't have my camera with me to take pictures of the show this time.

all the representatives of each school

our kids getting Outstanding Sound trophy

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love Cake!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Mark.

This is the Beautiful Love Cake Hannah made for daddy.

A few days before the Big Day, I was asking Mark what he wanted for his birthday dinner and did he want cake , cheese cake, cookies, or some other dessert (He isn't a big dessert fan) so as usual he said nothing so Nan piped up and said

" Daddy, I know what you want, you want a Love Cake!!"

Well who can turn down a sweet little girl offering a Love Cake?

So apparently this is what one looks like!

Grand Champions!!!

Hello Blogger Friends. I have been so MIA and I am sorry. It's been a little busy since Christmas and honestly I have stayed away from the computer.

Last night was Ashley's first competition with Xperience! (the Show Choir from school) Many hours of practice paid off.

As I understand it, where you ranked the year before is how they list the order you perform in. Since JH placed 2nd last year, they were supposed to be 2nd from last. How ever, as we all know, things are not always fair so they slotted us as 2nd from the beginning. And then ....... the first group dropped out the morning of because their costumes didn't get finished (was the rumor going round) So nervous as all get out they went first.

And they blew the audience away. Everyone I talked to got chills. Then all the other groups performed and it was a fun evening but none (to me) had the tap your feet get into it performance I thought we had. There was even a group from Missouri who donned feather chicken masks and hatched an egg on stage with a big ending of the chick leading the audience in the Chicken dance? Since this was my first show to watch not sure if that's a good thing or not LOL I think I would more expect it at a comedy show but what do I know?

Ashley ended up last Wed getting a Solo for the show. So being the first time to perform it was quite nerve racking. She did great and I am sure next time she won't have the nervous deer in the head lights look.

We are so proud of the kids and this can only be the start of a great season to come!! Good Job X!
Ashley and Mrs. Bell her director with the Grand Champion Cup and Best Female Vocalist trophy (actually went to the other soloist Ashley Cook )
Ashley and her friend Susanna