Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Sorry You Have The Wrong Number...

Typically , that's what you hear when you dial the wrong digits and do not connect to who your trying to chat with.
But Alas this is me and nothing I do is normal.

Rewind to this afternoon. I got home from work, and after doing a 5 min run thru of the house putting away all things my children distribute in the minutes before school, decided to just plain chill and get back in bed and spend the morning catching up on my reading.
Well of course because my bed is so comfy, I fell asleep. Until I heard the earth shake. I laid in bed dazed thinking of all the things that crash could have been when it sounded again. Oh no..... what makes that crash sound twice? Did ADM just explode again? ( yes it has happened and knocked pictures off our walls before) CRASH there it goes again. So I hop up and peek out the bedroom window and see nothing. I go to the living room and this is what I find.
Yes it's lovely. A sure sign they are finally going to do the ditch work they planned out 3 years ago. So I use the camera phone and take a picture and send to dh and A to CALL ME
Right away my phone rings, I glance at the number think its odd that the actual number and not the persons name popped up on caller id but commence to chatting right away anyway. I even mention that it was odd that the number showed up and not the name. I discovered thru conversation that my phone companion had just awoken from a nap as well that's why her voice was froggie and didn't we hate how that happens. It's so gross all the phlegm and such. What was up at my house? I explained all the details of the crash and even included my sound effects. I explained how this now meant I was trapped in the bed room if I had any hopes for sanity, you know how the dogs bark when they see anything of interest going on in the neighborhood. Yada Yada, after 35 minutes of talking, we doled our goodbyes and I said go back to your nap, and I would call you later after work. Give the kids hugs when they get home from school. Yada , Yada
Later during route, I get a message from A asking if I had been eaten at work. How odd. I assured her no and why was she asking. Her response was because I never called her. OK I was thinking did you bonk your head. Was your nap of COMA proportions? DID our conversation not mean a thing.
So when done with work I called A and said what the hell? We talked what are you talking about remember the picture, the sound effects, the peeing together (ok gross I know but hey when you wake up from a nap you got to pee and I apologized like I always do)
But no to my dismay I find out that I never spoke to A. I looked at caller ID and to my shock and horror I realized I mixed up the last two numbers. Who was my afternoon phone companion. Was her life so bland as mine that she didn't mind conversing with a stranger? Did she humor me to not hurt my feelings? Or did she wonder if one day we could be long lost friends. (We already have shared private things!)
Should I call and apologize and explain, and thank her for letting me chat her time away? What is proper etiquette for wrong number conversations?? Anyone??

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School Updates

Holy Cow does life get busy quick!!

To sum it up in short text, we have joined the busy family club.

Ashley is now in Show Choir. What a commitment that's going to be. She has it for one of her daily classes, along with one Saturday a month all day practice and every Monday after school practice. Add to that the once a month Booster meeting and all the fundraisers and things I am sure to come on that and that alone fills up the schedule.

Hannah starts up gymnastics again tonight so that's another evening of running around.

Add to that any appointments, events, or other daily things along with work and the extra work that will soon be filling up the day time and I am about to go bonkers.
Those who know me well know that I live a very calm (haha) scheduled (sort of) life. Not a whole lot of activity up to this point.

Oh well so goes life right?
But other than that , Hannah is adjusting ok to school. She doesn't enjoy the fact that she can't come home with me. And getting her to her bus is very frustrating. Lots of tears are shed.

Ashley is getting over the adjustment of changing classes all day and they already had homework. So that's adding another element to the house again to keep mom and dad on their toes.

But we will survive and I know when it's all said and done, the year will fly by.

Vacation Day Two

Things you can do in the Charlotte NC area:

See Chinese Elvis singing at a Car Lot,

Get frightened by a Dead Bear

Stick your hand in the middle of a Tornado

See Huge Bugs, (foresight into visit to the Jacobs house yet to come)

And see nasty eels covered in glow in the dark green slime!

You can also visit Grandma Denise who is working there currently. We had a great time for short period we were there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vacation Day One

As we sped thru many states, when we hit the beautiful yet tedious mountain side I told the girls lets do something very un us for lunch. Let's go to a real authentic mom and pop restaurant. They were game. At the bottom of a real doozie of a mt, we saw the signs. It looked like a good place to try so onto the exit ramp we go. The scenery was gorgeous. The signs said River view dining. Yippee what could be better. But alas its us Frederick girls and as we all know, things do not go as planned. Heaven forbid a restaurant be open on a Friday. So instead of eating here:

we got to eat here:

yes yes, it was a gas station. No river view, no mt. view. Oh no instead the view was of a 90+ year old man with no teeth staring into space as they called his number repeatedly over a span of 15 minutes, there was the 250+ lb man with about $70 in scratch lotto tickets with no shirt. Then there was the occasional dirty guy with or with out shirt and or shoes. So instead we got pictures like this:

Note the beer case behind Hannah!! What a variety!!

And what Joy Ashley is showing as she stared at yet another no shoe , no shirt guy. The girls were quite confused about this. Now I must say the food was great. And look at those portion sized. But for lunch for bbq, a burger and chicken tenders at a gas station restaurant it was a bit pricey at $25 after drinks were added to the meals. But the experience they got was priceless. The best part was when I asked where we could find the river views, she said up the road less than 5 miles but there was no water there today. They haven't released the water, but it will be there tomorrow. Thanks but no thanks not so into waiting a day for water views.
As we continued on,(by route of wrong road) we came upon Chimney Rock.

It was beautiful and definitely a place I would like to go back and spend a day or two getting familiar with. They had little shops everywhere, cabins, even a lake with a beach with what appeared to be water rides. Very cool.

False Alarm

I don't know I guess I must have been bonkers. I searched and searched and searched all pets and found not a single flea nor evidence of any flea's on anybody. Maybe it was a vision of things to come? Haha oh well no harm no foul. I had a tube of frontline in the drawer from when we go to my moms house so I just put a dab on everyone just in case. Kiki was the worst to deal with because of her loving fabulous personality haha NOT.

Friday, August 24, 2007


ok I was just about to post about the first day of school and the end of the world is coming. As I sat here waiting for the page to load, KiKi ( the white devil cat) is laying across the keyboard and ....................

a flea jumped on me.


where oh were did princess get a flea, is there other fleas, great now I have 2 dogs and 2 cats to inspect and figure out how to deal sigh ok other update post will have to come later I am now going to waste my first free momma day looking for flea shit on pets.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tomorrow's the Big Day

Yes yes. Tomorrow the kids and I go back to school. It will definitely be a bittersweet moment.

A BIG day for all for sure.

My innocent Ashley will be starting 7th Grade this year. I have visions of her being eaten by sharks. Not sure what that's about.

And my baby Hannah will be starting Kindergarten this year. Sigh so much to say on this. This is the year they grow their independent wings. No more will she need me to teach her the little things I have always taken for granted. Now she will have someone else teaching and doing exciting "cool" things with her. Now she will realize there are people out there much smarter than her parents. Now she will be making her own friends that she picks and not just the children of my friends whom she is always around and so that's who her friends are. I know Nan is VERY outgoing and will not have problems in this area but it still makes me sad and worried.

Back to Ashley....... I remember my first days starting at Cerro Gordo. I started 7th grade there and I wasn't exactly the first day of the school year. I don't remember for sure when it was but I felt like such the odd ball. All the kids there had been classmates since Kindergarten. And here I was the "city girl" with my "city clothes" that they had never ever seen let alone wear or own. It was a struggle for the first couple weeks to find my "click". When I finally did, it was friendships that I still have to this day.

So for sure the friends you make in middle school are some of the important ones. My loving husband has assured me that Ash will be fine and it's not a big deal but I honestly feel like I have bigger knots in my stomach about tomorrow than she does. What if she gets lost, goes to the wrong class, falls on her face going down the stairs. And the worst part is I won't be able to give her a big hug, make her a special breakfast and send her off with a good luck girl. Sometimes I wonder why I am working? But I guess it wouldn't make sense to stay home to be there for the one important day. I will have to come up with a creative way to show her I love her and will be thinking about her. We will have to go have a special lunch after our half day to share the events.

I have to say a very good thing is that she is going to be in show choir as an elective class. Apparently at the school, this is a VERY VERY BIG thing. 75% of the middle school kids are in this is what I was told. It will be a very big commitment for Ash but with class every day and her first Saturday practice this Sat, it will give her a great opportunity to make friends quick and they will have something very important to school life in common.

Ok with all my rambling I will close. Thanks to all who read thru all this........

With that said wish all us Frederick girls good luck on our First Day and pictures will be posted with updates tomorrow.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Back from Vacation

We got back late Wednesday evening. Of course we have busy bee's trying to get everything together for school starting the following Wednesday. I think we are done (knock on wood) but I am now having major jet lag. But I wanted to share a small sample of pictures to come. These are from W. Virginia somewhere lol I know that sounds bad but on the way home we were weaving in and out of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and W. Virgina so it was a bit confusing. Anyway, for some reason at 8 am this struck me as some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen in forever. It was a cool 54 degrees at the time and I had just come from over 100 degree days so I was shivering my butt off to take these but well wort it.