Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blockbuster Sucks

OK I am on a rampage. We have done the online movie rental thing for awhile. We started with Netflix. Then we heard about the Blockbuster total access so we switched. It was a no brainer.

Then things got tricky. Blockbuster fazed out my plan so I had to upgrade my plan at the cost of $7 to get what other members were only paying $3 more. I was up in arms of what to do. Do I stay, do I switch? It took quite awhile to decide. I ultimately stayed where I was. I sucked it up and payed the $7 more dollars.

Now that all has changed. I got an email last night. My plan is now going up to ............ $34.99 a month!!! They are increasing it $10 MORE DOLLARS. OH NO they are so wrong.

To put salt in the wound more I found out from a friend who was able to stay at same plan when I had to change, that not only does she still get the free coupon that originally so enticing, but that due to the price change, she is only paying $2 more a month.

To break it down she is paying $19.99 for 3 movies at a time unlimited in store exchanges and a free coupon once a month.
Where I would be paying $34.99!! for 3 at a time unlimited exchanges.

Can anyone see my frustration?

Customer service?? what's that. I called on the phone to see what was going on this is a mistake right?? The guy informs me he can not discuss other plans that other customers might be using. It's not like I gave him a name or anything I just said a member. I didn't want to know how they were paying just the fact of this must be a mistake. He said nope no mistake we are increasing the price and it's reflective of how many movies you rent. What does that mean I wonder?? If you use your service you pay more?? That can't be it, I have had the same 3 movies sitting on the desk for almost 2 weeks now.

Needless to say they lost this customer. Please, if you read this, share it, lets take revenge on the greedy money hungry pigs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Perfomance

Ash had her first performance last night. Along with Eisenhower Elite Energy, and the Thomas Jefferson Music Machine, the John's Hill Xperience had their Holiday Preview Show. It was AMAZING!
I have to warn TJ that if their performance last night was any indication of how they will do at competitions, they are going to lose to us every time. I am not saying this because we are in JHX but because we truly were so much better haha.
Anyway the EEE had many solo's then TJMM did their act in khaki's and polo's. It was not so great. Especially after such great performance's by the High School kids. I was very very worried of how bad the X kidss were going to be. But alas they were awesome. Their opener was "We got it Going On" by Bon Jovi. It really got the audience to sit up and take notice. And it only got better from there. Where TJ left you in pain, JH got you tapping your feet and clapping. Thank goodness our outfits came in in time to wear. It definitely made a great impression right from the get go.
Then EEE closed out the show with an excellent performance with their entire group. Hannah was in awe of the costumes. Mark who is NOT INTO this stuff actually enjoyed it for a change. It will be an interesting and fun season to be sure.
When the show was over, we were greeted by Tons of Snow!! Mark went to get the car and while us girls were walking out, we didn't see him because our silver van was totally white lmao. We walked right past him and him us because it was snowing so hard. Luckily I saw the license plate as we passed and back tracked.
On a side note, we cracked up at Ashley's hair all night. Now that I know what they want the hair to look like, I will take over the roll of her hair stylist. She looked like a French Poodle with her do. If your wondering how much product a 12 year old needs to achieve this look here you go!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am alive

I haven't posted lately. Been so busy and yet so much is going on.

Ashley has her first performance on Saturday at the Lincoln Theater. Wish her luck. Their dresses came in yesterday so they won't be altered in time to wear so they will be wearing their 2nd costume. I still am not sure how I will deal with my little girl wearing a padded bra, makeup, hair done to the 9's and high heels. It's a bit surreal. She also has her "Christmas Ball" dance Friday. I just can't believe I have a 7th grader.

Hannah is doing good. She came home from school last Thursday beaming from ear to ear. She has her first loose tooth. This was hard. This means she will no longer be a baby. She is a little girl. A big girl if you ask her. sniff... sniff... I actually cried. Don't want to imagine her with a missing tooth. She is hoping for Christmas visit from tooth fairy so she will not wiggle it nor let anyone touch it. This could get gross.

Our house was busy with Alexis visiting and playing wii , drinking, shopping , and doing all our favorite activities. We loved having her here and now miss her terribly.

Yesterday my mom came to town and stayed the night before heading of to Chicago for a meeting then she has to rush home to Missouri to pack up to head to VA. I told her to call you Brigitte and help you move into your big beautiful new house!!

That's about all that's going on in the F house. Work and run. And no I do not have my Christmas Shopping done, so don't ask haha.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting Ready

In less than 2 hours I am going to pick up Alexis from the Airport. I am so excited. I haven't seen her in forever!........ Ok not true, it's only been less than 4 months but that's forever. We are going to spend the day shopping, eating, drinking , and being merry. I took the day off to be free all day. When we get back to town, we are collecting Mark and all going to dinner to eat, drink and be merry some more.

I think I am going to look for some new Christmas Decorations while out so it will put me in a Merry Christmas Mode! haha.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wow so last night was quite the Xperience (haha). I had to work from 5-9:30 at the Majestic Bingo Hall towards fundraising for Show Choir.

I must be honest I was extremely nervous. Have you ever seen the old people with their bingo? It's some serious stuff. Most of the people there were nice (the fellow workers) some were not. It was easy but I felt abit of a hooker. Walking up and down up and down the isles yelling "Pull tabs" "ButtCrack" "RedNeck" "IttyBittyBankers" "Anyone Need Beans?, ButtCrack, RedNeck?"

You get moments of pleading "puppies?? anyone want puppies?" I thought that if my voice was really pathetic they would buy but no if there is a good bingo going they ignore you. And it didn't help that there was 7 of us out on the floor for a room of maybe 100 people at the very very most.

But the things you see. You get your ladies who know they aren't moving so they buy 3 drinks and line them up along the table. You have your people who bring in their own computer type games to play while using a bingo computer to play all at the same time. And the good luck charms!!
You of course have your trolls. There was a giant wooden frog, special dollars with colored daub spots all over them. An American Flag, pictures of their grand kids. Soo much to see!

And the amount of money they spend Holy Cow!!!! I sold about $3,500 in pull tabs. And I sold the fewest because they realized pretty quick I was no luck lady haha. I couldn't even go in the "dungeon" (no smoking room) because Ashley's teacher from last year was in there and she played Bingo with me once and then didn't win again for 7 months!! haha. She knows all about my bad luck curse haha.

The highlight of the evening was when I had two ladies yell for pull tabs at the same time and I went to the one I was closest to first they were a table apart. I sold the lady $20 of bean cards, turned around and sold the other lady $15 of bean cards. Well the first lady ended up winning $100 so the other lady kept making comments ALL NIGHT that she was going to kick my white racist ass for selling the other lady her winning ticket. I was a bit shaking in my keds!!

But all ended well and I will probably do it again but after January when it goes all NO SMOKING!!! I am so excited haha. The smoke was so thick in there I had a headache in the first 5 minutes.