Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feeding my family

OK I love LOVE to cook. Unfortunately my family is the most annoying bunch of picky eaters they drive me nuts. In their dream worlds their weekly menu would be made up of

Day 1 hamburgers and fries (girls minus the buns at some point)
Day 2 Pizza
Day 3 Hot Dogs and chips (girls again minus buns at some point)
Day 4 Taco's (of course the girls won't eat shells of any type)
Day 5 Chicken nuggets and fries
Day 6 Hamburger helper (only the cheesy hashbrown or au gratin potato varieties)
Day 7 Steak and baked potatoes (can only be fillet Mignon for mark to eat)

Now granted these are all fine meal choices but please....... what does a food loving gal like me take away from these delicious items.....nothing

Please, let me make some pasta dishes, casseroles, pork! anything pork (except hot dogs) would be nice from time to time. Fresh veggies those are nice to have too!! Who doesn't eat Corn on the Cobb, peas, green beans , sweet potatoes, (OK well actually I am not a BIG fresh veggie fan but still willing to try)

And deserts omg if its not a cookie, brownie, or apple pie, they won't eat it. Who doesn't like home made ice cream for crying out loud!! Mark that's who. Nor Chocolate, or fruit crisps, no lemon meringue pie, cake, nope just give him a bag of twizzlers, or starburst, skittles, or laffy taffy and he is a happy camper.

What is the point of my blog you may be asking your screen. Well I am going to post for the next two weeks Items I have made and my family's response to the delicious offerings I lay before them.

And I challenge everyone who reads this to do the same.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Ooo I know where you got this idea. :-) I'm up for the challenge!

Leesha said...

You know Tom will let you make him your wonderful Lasagna and Peach Cobbler anyday of the week! ;)