Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We are back

So lessons learned while going to a John Mayer concert

  1. Anything and everything is in.

Examples : Potato sack dresses IN

Messy sloppy pony tails IN as in the more jacked up it looks, the better.

Dorky guys are IN I couldn't get over the amount of NERDY DORKY GUYS with pretty cute hot chicks on their arms..........

Contrary to my feelings on it, the fuzzy Alaskan boots with the huge furry balls are IN.

Wearing the leggings with the lace at the bottom as your only bottoms, (no matter WHAT YOUR SIZE) is IN *shudder in memory*

Flip-Flops even though there is still 8 inches of snow (albeit melting) on the ground is IN

2. If your under the age of 25, its ok to take in your camera to a concert even thought it is printed on the tickets NO CAMERA'S allowed, There is posters on the doors stating NO CAMERA's, and people at checkpoints saying NO CAMERA's allowed. Now I know from now on to hide it in my bra. They wouldn't notice the large bulge. The reason I didn't attempt any crime is because of my flash back to the Dora Show I took Hannah to where the security guard threatened to take my camera away while trying to get illegal pictures of DORA!!

3. I am old. Now granted we weren't the only "old" people there but it was most definitely dominated crowd with the typical age range between 12 and 25. Example: we were in the front row of the "upper section" a group of 7 late high school- early college girls were next to us on Mark's side. When Mr. Mayer took the stage, the girls all stood up. Ok fine, but they were taking pictures (with the illegal camera) of themselves causing the flash to go off in an "older couples" faces (late 30's early 40's) The couple (who couldn't see because girls were standing up) ((let me also point out no one in upper seats were standing up but said girls because we could all see fine haha) asked them to please sit down they couldn't see and if they stood up then people behind them wouldn't be able to see and to please stop flashing the camera in their faces. On of the girls went and got a security guard and said the people sitting behind them were being Rude and Mean to them!!!! The reason this made me feel old is because I found myself cheering on the couple and not the girls who were just out to have a good time.

But aside from that haha the concert was great, no I don't have any pictures, my camera phone made everything look green.

We had a good time and I have to say the best part of the entire get away (and this is so pathetic) was waking up this morning lazily and enjoying the quiet moment I can't remember having in the morning for the longest time. No dogs barking, no cats meowing or walking on me, no kids fighting or crying or yelling. It was a 30 min of heaven.


Val, that's me said...

Yes, I could have told you about all the fashion trends - you'll never see me in the leggins w lace, but Maia, probably yes :-p

Hope you guys had a good time despite the age. That's when you live it up and make the most of it because not matter how ridiculous you might think you look - absolutely no one cares :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Sadly, yes we are old ((sob sob)) I'm so glad you had a good time. You deserved the break.

jamie's mommy said...

well glad to see you
had fun. Jamie don't say you are OLD because I'M not and I'm your MOMMY.

Leesha said...

So glad to hear you & Mark had a great time.

Remember you are only as young as you feel....and after a few drinks you are 21 again! The next morning is a different story. :(