Thursday, January 25, 2007

Farce of the Innocence

It really takes a lot to tick me off and make me steam. I mean to really make me so angry I can't verbalize what I am feeling.

What are you babbling about you may ask? Well let me tell you.

yesterday Mark popped in a movie and in the beginning there was a promo that looked like March of the Penguin. Now I loved March of the Penguin. It was so sad and sweet and makes you just ache at what the poor creatures do to just exist.

Now they have coming out on dvd Farce of the Penguins. I find this very disturbing. Kids are going to want to see this because they will be pushing it on TV and they aren't going to realize that its not really for kids. And why oh why is there a need to make a parody on a documentary based on nature like this?? And if you look at the star voice over line up it has A LOT of big named Hollywood Stars in it.

Now I like a good laugh just as much as the next gal but this just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. You have to see the promo to understand I think so it is here.

Let me know what you think of it please.

(disclosure I am sure that if I had watched this before march of the penguin and they never came out with the first version and it wouldn't entice kids, it would be pretty damn funny)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

ok I was wrong

"No we won't get snow" That is what I said to my mom on the phone last night. She was saying they had been hit yet again by the snow fairy. I felt that it has missed us every time its on its way so far so no we wouldn't get any.
The pollution from ADM has put a contaminated snow blocker bubble above our town.
Obviously I was wrong. And of course we have to run out and play. Thank goodness Hannah is getting older and doesn't cry the second the snow penetrates thru the gloves.

So we would like to introduce Adam.
Snow Man of the Year.
For Hannah, it was love at first sight.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bathroom Update

UPDATE: nothing haha

So here is the deal with the bathroom. As I painted the ceiling, the popcorn crap above the tub rolled off with the paint roller. There had been a small area where the kids had splashed water on the ceiling two years ago, but nothing that we thought a coat of paint wouldn't solve. WRONG So I bought one of those kits at Lowe's that you spray on and it puts new popcorn crap on. UMMM YEAH well obviously it was made for a man to use not thinking of a woman ever trying to do something herself. The handles on the nozzle that you apply pressure to in short 2 second bursts are too far apart for me to push on in that position that quickly haha anyway it looked like a volcano erupted on the ceiling. It was dripping down all over the tub haha. So I patted it to make it look more natural. By that evening 1/2 of it had dripped off and there were huge WET SPOTS. Oh and the color was more of a grey than the white I had hoped for.

So anyway this is what it looks like a week later. I am so fed up that I think its just going to sit like this for another week or two. Who cares at this point. I am opened to any suggestions on how to fix this other than scraping off the entire ceiling and painting it. I thought about breaking up some Styrofoam and rolling in glue and smashing up there and repainting it.......... roflmao what do you think? would that work??

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sewing Class

For Christmas Ashley received a sewing machine with the deal that she was not to ask me for instructions. Sewing is NOT MY THING. yes I know how to so but no I don't enjoy it.

So we started sewing class. Its a pretty good deal in the fact that someone else is teaching her how to sew, not in my house, and its only $12.50 for a two hour session. So the projects have begun.

the first class yielded this jewel

isn't it a beauty? haha its actually pretty cute and matches her room and it only cost me about $17 when it's all said and done lmao! What a deal for a gen-u-ine pillow case

Today was our 2nd class. This project was a bit longer. The 2 hour class lasted 2 hours 45 min. Now I didn't have to pay extra but dang....... entertaining Hannah in the Joann's for almost 3 hours sucked big time.

But look at the fab-u-lous hand bag we have around the house. And such a steal of a deal. What would you expect to pay for a one of a kind, no other in the world like it tote bag?? How about a grand total of...........
........... $28.50

OMG LMAO am I insane?? let's see what other type of bag I could get for $28.50

How about this photo tote for $14.95

Or this one for $24.60 ! (ok I actually like this and am thinking of ordering one) haha

Anyway I guess it's the fact that Ashley enjoy's doing this that counts and not the beauty of the items right??


Ok I have a confession to make. I LOVE overalls on little girls. Ashley practically lived in them up to 1st grade (I think that's when she realized they were for baby's)
Hannah isn't a willing partaker in my obsession. She said that they suck because they make her want to pee her pants because it takes toooooooo long to get them off to potty.
But don't you agree they are too cute to not wear? And of course you always have to pair them up with pigtails or double braids right??

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Flooded Bridge

Some of you may remember my post as to our trip to Missouri. In it I had a picture of the bridge leading to my family's "area" of where they live.

Here it is again

So anyway my mom was going to come visit yesterday but had to cancel because they are getting pounded by the winter storm hitting the Midwest area.

This is the same bridge taken today haha

So I guess I can see why she isn't coming

Update on Bathroom

Sooo.......... not much progress has been made. I spent about 1.5 hours standing at Target yesterday am trying to pick out a color scheme to work with. I finally found a rug I liked with about 5 different shades of greens/blues to work with. Then I got some towel sets and shower curtain. Then came home and started to scrape the walls. At this point I was excited to start the project.

It didn't go so well only about 2 walls would scrape off. The rest will no come off no matter WHAT I try.

So off to Menard's because I thought I would at least get the ceiling done. After talking to the worker man (haha) he said to sand down entire room, wash walls, paint with an oil based primer then paint in latex.

OK not big deal. So Today I go back and get the ceiling paint, oil primer, and stop at in laws to borrow sander. Again all excited to get back to project and get this done...............

So I get home, and start sanding walls, remember I need to Spackle, get that done and return to sanding. I get to the toilet area and figure I will go ahead and pull off the baseboards and sand to the bottom.

Of course it can't be easy. Oooh no. I pull off the first base board, and low and behold.......... an entire ant colony come pouring out.

So I sprayed bug killer, pulled off other base boards to see what surprises may be underneath. The one right behind the toilet is stuck because the building genius put the sink cabinet in after installing the base board so as of right now I give up.
I swept and sucked up the mess, stacked everything on the toilet, wiped everything down, showered and now I am going to take a nap. I guess it can sit till Mark is off tomorrow and we can figure out together what to do. I think this is the very first project that feels this overwhelming. sigh......

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh Sh**

No this isn't a murder scene. (Although I suppose the thought of murder crossed my mind)

What does this look like to you??

Mark said it's a Margarita night gone bad. No that's not it.

Finger painting perhaps........ nope wrong again.

Tragic accident shaving? WRONG

No No No....... in fact this is my bathroom in my house. I had a candle burning on the back of the toilet (like I do EVERY DAY) and beautiful wonderful Hannah accidentally knocked it off. Who knew wax could FLY!!!

I couldn't be too mad because I was in my room when I heard the crash, Hannah's quick in take of breath, you could sense the terror in her, and then the screaming for her sister to come quick its a mergency.

You could hear Ashley running, close the door and then the OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!. Then Hannah's quiet pleading to "shhhh they will hear us" and "Quick grab a towel"

Now at this point I rolled over to Mark and said what do you suppose all that is about ? His response" Get your ass up and go look" well by this point I remember............ I never blew out the candle.........Oh no she couldn't have.........? could she???

Oh yes as I open the door that is what I saw......... Sparkle Cinnamon Yankee Candle dripping off the toilet. Fun Fun. So of course the girls are standing in the tub trying to be still. Possibly to throw me off by thinking that I now had little girl statues in my tub?? Hmm I don't remember that being there when I showered 20 min. ago.............

Naturally I tell Mark that he HAS TO SEE THIS. He of course said he was comfortable and did he really need to get up? Oooh Yeah baby this is a new situation we have here.

so the question of the day is................ how the h-e- double hockey sticks do you clean this up???

My solution much to my dislike is to scrape the old paint off and I guess its time to getting around to painting the bathroom. I have only put it off for 2 years now...................

I will keep everyone posted on the status of operation wax clean up!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

OK so some of you may know that we are doing both the Nexflix and Blockbuster programs. We are comparing to see which is the better deal. So far Blockbuster is winning Hands down.

We got Little Miss Sunshine in the mail yesterday. I don't know why exactly I picked it other than I kept seeing the promos for it and it looked intriguing.

So last night I popped it in the DVD player. From the first frame it had me hooked. Mark as well, he had just pulled the comforter over his head to go to sleep as it started.

I am not quite sure what it is about this movie but by the end you are tearing up chanting "go Olive, go."

I laughed my butt off in some places and felt so sad in others. I think its just plain real. You can relate to the simple characters in different ways for different reasons.

So in short, if you have seen the cover, and thought "hmm what's the big hoopla about", rent it, watch it, cheer Olive on!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


OK Cross your fingers for me. I went to the orientation to sign Ashley and Hannah both up for the John's Hill Magnet Program.

We tried to get Ashley in last year but didn't make the cut. As we all know I have no luck BUT I am praying that since winning the DC Trip, that my luck has maybe changed a bit. Now my only worry is they have 52 kindergarten spots and who knows how many 7th grade. Heck if any. But then the other option would be haha Ashley gets in by some miricle and Hannah doesn't. That would be fate's sick joke!

So anyway I did the tour today and it's still the same good school it was last year haha. And they don't have uniforms! Miss Hannah would love that.