Sunday, April 22, 2007

Budgets and other boring stuff
This week was an emotional one that's for sure.
With Monday being a half day and the tragic event that unfolded. Tuesday I had a trip all day.
Wednesday I was witness to a high speed chase and shoot out then had a trip all day.
Thursday I took a break and went to lunch with a friend.
Friday again I had a trip all day but this one was a class trip for Ashley so I also got to chaperon.
Saturday was spent grocery shopping and cleaning.
Does it ever end?

I am starting to feel the crazy tension you get before the school year is over. Trips are popping up left and right. This will be good news next year but for this year it stresses me out so. Trying to balance between wanting to make much $$ and being home in the afternoons with Hannah because of sitter issues is driving me bonkers. I just keep saying about 5 more weeks and its done for awhile.

As for home home life things are ok. It has been decided that Jamie needs to learn to live in a budget. This is very important for me to realize that I can do this. Now if I could quit having anxiety attacks before going into a store..... I actually am getting to where I don't want to go in a store because I don't want to be tempted to get off budget. The thing is everyone knows I am a bargain shopper. But I am an addictive bargain shopper. Is it really bargain shopping if you don't need it or hadn't planned on getting it?? Perfect example. Back in January I bought Hannah a beautiful burgundy velvet short sleeved jacket. I thought it would be so cute over some jeans. It was a mere $4.98 from its original price of $28. Here comes the BUT........ I have YET to find a shirt to go under it. It turns out the sleeves are so short that normal short sleeved shirts look bad with the ends of the sleeves popping out. Any shirt with a collar doesn't look right and any patterns or design in front looks bad as well. The perfect solution would be a satin cream silk tank. Anyone know where they make cami tops in satin for a 5 year old?? LMAO


Leesha said...

Hang in there, school is almost out!

Sounds like you are keeping busy. Being busy will keep you out of stores. LOL

Alexis Jacobs said...

You can do it :)