Friday, April 6, 2007

Girls Magazines ........ Who knew what a horrible journey it would be to find a decent magazine for your pre-teen daughter.

The idea was simple.

For the Easter Baskets this year, I would pick out a few appropriate magazines and let the girls spend some time looking, reading, and enjoying then pick one they would like to have a subscription to.

However, things don't go as planned. So here is a break down of the current girls magazines and my likes, dislikes of how or why they did or did not make the cut.

American Girl : This magazine is a bit more geared to the younger set. I did get an issue of this however just to let her check it out. I would say 7-10 would be a decent age group for this. I did however like its simplicity.
So Pros: NO SEXUAL Content
Cons: A bit pricey at 6 issues for $23 for not many pages.

CosmoGirl : OOH MY ok my mom said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. OK well we know I don't always listen to my mom. So this magazine is perfect for training your daughter to be a hooker, or slut.
Pros: Cheap 8 issues for $10
Cons: Topics such as The New Dating Rules where they talk about how its not called "going out" anymore but you hookup. Oh and 5 Hot New Kisses and Be a Model where they go into the pros and cons of Modeling. Such as Pros traveling, Cons someone saying your nose is too big. Not Con you have to starve to death to fit in the sample sizes.

Discovery Girl : They didn't have this one in the store. I looked online and will be checking this out. So I can't really push this as to good or bad not being totally informed so I will go for pros for me wanting to check this out:
Clothes not slutty
Articles genuine such as are brand labels important, embarrassing moments such as not getting locker opened and a boy helping only to find once it opened she had picts of him with hearts all over it (ahh I remember those days) and hiding candy wrappers in room only to had dad find out.

Girls Life : The Cover was cute. But looks can be deceiving. This one almost passed but upon very close inspection this was bad
Articles such as Dangerous Liaison's teens tell real stories of dating violence. umm no
Get Fit workouts to tighten your bum. um no
Pros: Again Liked the Cover and loved the famous people they were featuring
Cons: Content not age appropriate.

New Moon : OK again found this one online so can't diss this too much with out actually seeing it but from the issue they had online I have 3 words to say will come from possibly getting this for my child. FUTURE FEMINIST LESBIAN.

Six, 7,8 : Purchased this one, love this on. It is geared to ... you guessed it 6, 7, and 8th graders. Articles such as How to Survive a New School, How to Get Organized, Consequences of Gossiping.
Pros: nice , clean , age appropriate magazine
Cons: Didn't see any!!

Teen : I used to LIVE AND BREATH this magazine. I loved it. And so many stars of now started in Teen! But oh my the content is different today. Would be ok for over the age of 15 year olds I suppose. Not the middle school girl as it was in our day.
Pros: Not the worst on the block
Cons: Boys, Boys, Boys is that really really the only thing on teen girls minds?

Seventeen: I remember this as the BAD magazine. Its appropriate for girls at the age of ... 17 haha no younger. Because its very open about sex and no child of mine is going to think about the S word until after the age of 17! haha right?

Ok now in no way is any of this to be held against the magazines this is MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION


it's me, Val said...

This is interesting! I actually bought our Ash Girl's Life as part of her Christmas present. I guess I should have talked it over with Martha first! It just seemed the best outa what I saw. No way is she ready for Seventeen or the like!

Alexis Jacobs said...

My girls will just have to read Rainbow Fish forever. Forget magazines. :) Or maybe they can just skip to Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens and skip the girlie stuff.