Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mixed Reviews

Today was a busy day. I had a 9am appointment at Mr. John's School of Cosmetology (they suck) to get a manicure and a pedicure. I met up with gal pal Danielle for our girl only date. Due to unforeseen circumstances, her sitter canceled. Since the lady that took my appointment asked if we were going to have kids, I figured that my change from no to yes wouldn't be a big deal. I convince Dani that it would be OK we will just take her two children.

So as we walk into Mr. Johns (they suck), I said Jamie and Danielle for our 9 am mani and pedi appointment. The lady said "umm and what are you doing with those?" I said "Excuse me? What do you mean?" She then pointed her freshly painted freakishly long BLACK nails at the girls and said "Those children, we can't have children in here unless they are getting the work done." I said in response that I have been with 5 children in here before and its never been a problem and also the lady on the phone had asked and acted like its nothing big so that's why we had decided that due to a sitter falling thru we had the girls. To this she did a sigh, roll of the eyes and said " UGH That would have been one of my LITTLE HELPERS"

She then in her disgusted sneer said "Well this is a professional establishment to cater to Adults and we can't have THOSE CHILDREN in here, we have had children put nail polish in their mouths before. "

At this point I said "Never mind we will just reschedule at a later date so as to not ruin the atmosphere of your FINE ESTABLISHMENT" Then I started walking out the door. Now during this quick exchange, poor Dani was getting her girls to the sitting area only to have me say lets go I will not Pay for a B with an itch to do my nails.
So that being said (Mr. John's sucks) I said fine we will go home get my girls out of bed and have a kid fun day. So we took all the girls to the Children's Museum (they rock) where the kids could be as hyper and obnoxious as they wanted and everyone loved it and thought they were so darned cute. (The Museum people rock)

From there we had lunch at the International House of Buffet. Where the kids got to eat 10 lbs of Ice Cream (IHB rocks) and no one cared because I was all about let the kids be kids and screw professional establishments.

Then we went our separate ways where my girls and I went to get Ashley's hair cut and donated 13 inches to Locks of Love.

Then I took her to the dollar store where she picked out $5 worth of hair clips and head bands which actually she ended up with 10 head bands, 6 clips and 5 barrettes.
Lastly to round out the day I thought I would stop at the Cedar Lake Nursery. They had Pink Dogwood trees I asked for for Mothers Day and Mark wanted to know how much. Well needless to say at $169 a tree, I knew I wasn't going to be getting one but we figured we would check out the rest of their stuff while there. Sooo instead we got these
for a mere $16.95
which is an awesome deal considering that they are HUGE.


Alexis Jacobs said...

I love the baskets!!! I would so call the head of Mr Johns and complain. What horrible customer service.

I LOVE Ash's hair. Makes her look so mature :)

Leesha said...

That sucks about Mr. Johns. I can't believe how rude she was. I would complain also.

Ashley's haircut is so cute. I think that's awesome for her to donate her hair.

Glad your day ended up being a good one. It was beautiful!

Jamie's Mommy said...

Thats my girl! but you should of said You know what???????? these little girls will grow up to be adult ladies and what a impression you and your fine establishment has made on them.

Ashleys hair is so cute and she looks so much older.