Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tuesday was Hannah's Easter Party.
In general she had a great time. Mark and I were the lucky suckers who volunteered to help set it all up. Hide over 100 eggs yep that's our favorite thing to do haha. Oh no wait Marks favorite was Bible Bingo my bad haha. Or mostly the flutes they received when they won bingo.

Anyway on the way home MOM realized that this will be her last school party she can attend due to the fact that all parties in regular school are during my pm routes. Sniff Sniff as pathetic as I am I actually enjoy the kids during their sugar fests.

This is the Spring Tree scene that Hannah's class has worked on for the last month. It is so pretty.


it's me, Val said...

Were they frozen out there or what?! I can't believe this weather! :(

Alexis Jacobs said...

**sniff sniff**