Friday, April 27, 2007

The Internet always amazes me in what I find just aimlessly lurking around cyber world.

Here are some things that blow me away:

Ok we all knew there was Netflix and Blockbuster online movie rentals. What an awesome concept right?? well what other rental categories is there you may wonder?
Here are a few to think about
In the market to change purses alot?? Try Bag Borrow or Steal

Do you need a special occasion outfit for your child but hate to buy an $$ outfit to only wear once?

Need some Bra Bling? Check out Borrowed Bling where you can rent some bling bling for 3 small amounts per month.

Have a Special Man in your life and want to get him a nice gift? Try renting some massaging hands. (ok laughing my ass off about this one) sorry ladies this is only for the men apparently.

Want to rent a chest? Go Here.

Husband or Wife busy and you want to go out? Just rent a date for the night. Heck you can even tell them what to wear.

Have small things around the house you need help with and your kids fight you on doing it?? Just rent a kid they will love walking the dog.

Hope this helps in your search for rental items.

(** just added**) Ashley saw me looking at the rent a kid site and asked why I was looking at renting a kid when I had them. My response is you two aren't doing everything I asked. She then said OOH well, if you get a boy can you get a cute one?? Dear lord help me now.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, lol, small world. I just used Gaga's to get a First Communion suit for my son. It was wonderful, and I was wondering why I'd never heard about them before, so I was searching tonight to find more about them, and landed at your blog.

Alexis Jacobs said...

The internet is a strange strange place. Off to check out the purse site...

Leesha said...

Man there is a site for everyone's needs. Too funny!!