Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh Sh**

No this isn't a murder scene. (Although I suppose the thought of murder crossed my mind)

What does this look like to you??

Mark said it's a Margarita night gone bad. No that's not it.

Finger painting perhaps........ nope wrong again.

Tragic accident shaving? WRONG

No No No....... in fact this is my bathroom in my house. I had a candle burning on the back of the toilet (like I do EVERY DAY) and beautiful wonderful Hannah accidentally knocked it off. Who knew wax could FLY!!!

I couldn't be too mad because I was in my room when I heard the crash, Hannah's quick in take of breath, you could sense the terror in her, and then the screaming for her sister to come quick its a mergency.

You could hear Ashley running, close the door and then the OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!. Then Hannah's quiet pleading to "shhhh they will hear us" and "Quick grab a towel"

Now at this point I rolled over to Mark and said what do you suppose all that is about ? His response" Get your ass up and go look" well by this point I remember............ I never blew out the candle.........Oh no she couldn't have.........? could she???

Oh yes as I open the door that is what I saw......... Sparkle Cinnamon Yankee Candle dripping off the toilet. Fun Fun. So of course the girls are standing in the tub trying to be still. Possibly to throw me off by thinking that I now had little girl statues in my tub?? Hmm I don't remember that being there when I showered 20 min. ago.............

Naturally I tell Mark that he HAS TO SEE THIS. He of course said he was comfortable and did he really need to get up? Oooh Yeah baby this is a new situation we have here.

so the question of the day is................ how the h-e- double hockey sticks do you clean this up???

My solution much to my dislike is to scrape the old paint off and I guess its time to getting around to painting the bathroom. I have only put it off for 2 years now...................

I will keep everyone posted on the status of operation wax clean up!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I can't even begin to know what to say. I can't wait to see pics of the bathroom!!

Val, that's me said...

Oh. My. God.