Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bathroom Update

UPDATE: nothing haha

So here is the deal with the bathroom. As I painted the ceiling, the popcorn crap above the tub rolled off with the paint roller. There had been a small area where the kids had splashed water on the ceiling two years ago, but nothing that we thought a coat of paint wouldn't solve. WRONG So I bought one of those kits at Lowe's that you spray on and it puts new popcorn crap on. UMMM YEAH well obviously it was made for a man to use not thinking of a woman ever trying to do something herself. The handles on the nozzle that you apply pressure to in short 2 second bursts are too far apart for me to push on in that position that quickly haha anyway it looked like a volcano erupted on the ceiling. It was dripping down all over the tub haha. So I patted it to make it look more natural. By that evening 1/2 of it had dripped off and there were huge WET SPOTS. Oh and the color was more of a grey than the white I had hoped for.

So anyway this is what it looks like a week later. I am so fed up that I think its just going to sit like this for another week or two. Who cares at this point. I am opened to any suggestions on how to fix this other than scraping off the entire ceiling and painting it. I thought about breaking up some Styrofoam and rolling in glue and smashing up there and repainting it.......... roflmao what do you think? would that work??


Alexis Jacobs said...

I'll bring my painting and clothes and we can mess with it. We always have such great painting bond experiences. :-)

Two weeks baby!!!

Denise Douglas said...

Hey Alexis I think you two should get a really fluffy dog tape a pole to him and dip him in a paint popcorn mix and roll it on baby. it will be ok the paint washes off with water so it is safe to use,
Remember this is Jamie we are talking about here.

Val, that's me said...

Jamie, I think it's time to contact a professional. lol My neighbor and friend across the street paints - that's his work. I could ask him?