Friday, January 19, 2007

Sewing Class

For Christmas Ashley received a sewing machine with the deal that she was not to ask me for instructions. Sewing is NOT MY THING. yes I know how to so but no I don't enjoy it.

So we started sewing class. Its a pretty good deal in the fact that someone else is teaching her how to sew, not in my house, and its only $12.50 for a two hour session. So the projects have begun.

the first class yielded this jewel

isn't it a beauty? haha its actually pretty cute and matches her room and it only cost me about $17 when it's all said and done lmao! What a deal for a gen-u-ine pillow case

Today was our 2nd class. This project was a bit longer. The 2 hour class lasted 2 hours 45 min. Now I didn't have to pay extra but dang....... entertaining Hannah in the Joann's for almost 3 hours sucked big time.

But look at the fab-u-lous hand bag we have around the house. And such a steal of a deal. What would you expect to pay for a one of a kind, no other in the world like it tote bag?? How about a grand total of...........
........... $28.50

OMG LMAO am I insane?? let's see what other type of bag I could get for $28.50

How about this photo tote for $14.95

Or this one for $24.60 ! (ok I actually like this and am thinking of ordering one) haha

Anyway I guess it's the fact that Ashley enjoy's doing this that counts and not the beauty of the items right??


Alexis Jacobs said...

OMG I want that photo tote.

WTG Ash :-)

leeshaswafford said...

WOW Ashley is really good! I'm impressed by her work.

Maybe its time to hit Wal-mart for a $3 pattern and some fabric. Looks like she's ready!

Val, that's me said...

Aww...the experience and the memories that she will have from this is worth the moolah imo. Great job, Ash!