Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Truth

So I previously posted about my search for the perfect Christmas tree.

I am not having much luck. I found one I liked but it's a gazillion dollars.
(OK not a gazillion but $399 so that's pretty close when talking about a tree)

I have gone to every store in town and it's down to the $$$ one or one that's not much less that I loved but it's in Springfield which isn't too far away but I hate to go when I don't really have the time right now.

There for all of this has me in a very BAH HUM BUG mood. I actually change the channel when Christmas music come on the radio. I have purchased only two Christmas presents so far. I have done absolutely NO DECORATING. And the worst part is to be honest I have no desire.

Not sure what exactly my hang up this year but I need to get over it. My kids are getting very angry with me.

Has anyone else had this feeling before? Or now? How did you get over it??


Alexis Jacobs said...

Well you know how much I am a grinch at Christmas anymore. I honestly find it easier to not decorate until closer to Christmas. Maybe we can drink alot and decorate next week. :)

Brigitte said...

Aww, I know just how you feel. I wish I could just skip Christmas. I think the buying presents for adult members of my husband's family is what bums me out the most!!! BTW what does a $399 tree get you? Does it pour shots or something?

Jamie said...

No no shot pouring tree. Actually a $399 tree doesn't come with much lmao just the branches, lights and the stand lmao!! you can see it here

but it sure is a dandy haha.