Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deep Thoughts

by Jack Handy...............lmao does anyone remember those from Saturday Night Live? Man this will make me sound ancient but is snl still on?? There is no way I could ever stay up anymore to watch it. Who's brilliant idea was it anyway to have it air at 10 30 at night anyway?? That show should be Prime time baby!!

Ok anyway now that I have veered off subject haha

I have noticed lately of being plagued by Deep Thoughts. I don't know if it means I am hitting a mid life stride and becoming more aware of things around me or what. Some examples

Fall is so beautiful. I love looking at the trees early in the morning while the sun is shining thru the leaves and the night sky is behind the tree. It is breath taking.

The sun coming up in the morning. I love it when I leave for work the sun is starting to come up but still not visible. Then while I am driving I know exactly where I should be by the location of where the sun is in the sky. And then I think that I am a tiny dot standing on a giant orb that is turning and while that is going on a huge fire ball that's gazillions of years old and soooooooooo far away is heating me up.

The Moon. I love looking at quarter moons and still being able to see the rest of it and how it has light on it. I stand there and think WOW people have actually walked on that and that is AMAZING. To think that we come from a time when wheels were made of rocks haha.

Dinosaurs. HOLY COW. Could you imagine them walking around. And they were real! I guess its something that they are gone I can't see them dodging our cars very well.

Life is good. I have recently realized how truly blessed and lucky I am. I have two beautiful healthy daughters. I have a husband who comes home every night and who loves me. I am healthy. I have a home. I have a car and it works. I don't have to worry every time I get in it, will it start? I have Job security. I don't go to work every day wondering if dh or I will be unemployed and how would we pay or bills? I have friends and family. They love me and we help each other out. I know that if something terrible did ever happen I would have someone to lean on. I would not be alone.

OK I am rambling but WOW I AM SO LUCKY. And the world is amazing. And no I am not drunk nor have I been drinking haha

Have a great ponderous day!


Brigitte said...

I've been feeing the same way about the fall trees! They are so pretty! I don't think I could apreciate the sunrise as much as you though, day after day! It's good you're such a morning person!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am glad you said you weren't drinking. I thought maybe I would have to do an intervention haha

I am glad you are happy. I can hear it in your posts :)