Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Sorry You Have The Wrong Number...

Typically , that's what you hear when you dial the wrong digits and do not connect to who your trying to chat with.
But Alas this is me and nothing I do is normal.

Rewind to this afternoon. I got home from work, and after doing a 5 min run thru of the house putting away all things my children distribute in the minutes before school, decided to just plain chill and get back in bed and spend the morning catching up on my reading.
Well of course because my bed is so comfy, I fell asleep. Until I heard the earth shake. I laid in bed dazed thinking of all the things that crash could have been when it sounded again. Oh no..... what makes that crash sound twice? Did ADM just explode again? ( yes it has happened and knocked pictures off our walls before) CRASH there it goes again. So I hop up and peek out the bedroom window and see nothing. I go to the living room and this is what I find.
Yes it's lovely. A sure sign they are finally going to do the ditch work they planned out 3 years ago. So I use the camera phone and take a picture and send to dh and A to CALL ME
Right away my phone rings, I glance at the number think its odd that the actual number and not the persons name popped up on caller id but commence to chatting right away anyway. I even mention that it was odd that the number showed up and not the name. I discovered thru conversation that my phone companion had just awoken from a nap as well that's why her voice was froggie and didn't we hate how that happens. It's so gross all the phlegm and such. What was up at my house? I explained all the details of the crash and even included my sound effects. I explained how this now meant I was trapped in the bed room if I had any hopes for sanity, you know how the dogs bark when they see anything of interest going on in the neighborhood. Yada Yada, after 35 minutes of talking, we doled our goodbyes and I said go back to your nap, and I would call you later after work. Give the kids hugs when they get home from school. Yada , Yada
Later during route, I get a message from A asking if I had been eaten at work. How odd. I assured her no and why was she asking. Her response was because I never called her. OK I was thinking did you bonk your head. Was your nap of COMA proportions? DID our conversation not mean a thing.
So when done with work I called A and said what the hell? We talked what are you talking about remember the picture, the sound effects, the peeing together (ok gross I know but hey when you wake up from a nap you got to pee and I apologized like I always do)
But no to my dismay I find out that I never spoke to A. I looked at caller ID and to my shock and horror I realized I mixed up the last two numbers. Who was my afternoon phone companion. Was her life so bland as mine that she didn't mind conversing with a stranger? Did she humor me to not hurt my feelings? Or did she wonder if one day we could be long lost friends. (We already have shared private things!)
Should I call and apologize and explain, and thank her for letting me chat her time away? What is proper etiquette for wrong number conversations?? Anyone??


Alexis Jacobs said...

Okay you never mentioned the peeing!!! Now I want to know who is posing as A... I'd say call them back pretending to be talking to A and see hopw long they play this little game. But I am bad like that :)

Danielle said...

you are such a dork I cant believe you posted that. But than again I guess I can. So I finally visited your blog. Sorry I didn't look sooner. I might find some good ammo to use on you at work. LOL