Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vacation Day One

As we sped thru many states, when we hit the beautiful yet tedious mountain side I told the girls lets do something very un us for lunch. Let's go to a real authentic mom and pop restaurant. They were game. At the bottom of a real doozie of a mt, we saw the signs. It looked like a good place to try so onto the exit ramp we go. The scenery was gorgeous. The signs said River view dining. Yippee what could be better. But alas its us Frederick girls and as we all know, things do not go as planned. Heaven forbid a restaurant be open on a Friday. So instead of eating here:

we got to eat here:

yes yes, it was a gas station. No river view, no mt. view. Oh no instead the view was of a 90+ year old man with no teeth staring into space as they called his number repeatedly over a span of 15 minutes, there was the 250+ lb man with about $70 in scratch lotto tickets with no shirt. Then there was the occasional dirty guy with or with out shirt and or shoes. So instead we got pictures like this:

Note the beer case behind Hannah!! What a variety!!

And what Joy Ashley is showing as she stared at yet another no shoe , no shirt guy. The girls were quite confused about this. Now I must say the food was great. And look at those portion sized. But for lunch for bbq, a burger and chicken tenders at a gas station restaurant it was a bit pricey at $25 after drinks were added to the meals. But the experience they got was priceless. The best part was when I asked where we could find the river views, she said up the road less than 5 miles but there was no water there today. They haven't released the water, but it will be there tomorrow. Thanks but no thanks not so into waiting a day for water views.
As we continued on,(by route of wrong road) we came upon Chimney Rock.

It was beautiful and definitely a place I would like to go back and spend a day or two getting familiar with. They had little shops everywhere, cabins, even a lake with a beach with what appeared to be water rides. Very cool.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Too bad it wasn't Corona :) I love the pics of them on the rock.

Keep the pics coming!