Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bathroom Update

So I haven't updated in awhile about the bathroom. In fact once I decided that I HATE oil based paint, I never got any farther than the edge work on the primer. Now I told myself that I wasn't in fact lazy but that it didn't make sense to prime when I would have to touch up so much after we got the new toilet, sink, vanity, mirror, and lights since they would all be different sizes or shapes right??

Ok sooo.... Mark is on vacation this week and decided to actually do something with this project.

I came home to this

Now in case your wondering, this is my bathroom floor. He has pulled up my vinyl and underneath was a fabulous press board sub floor. And alas under the 12 or more year decayed press board is an equally wet Plywood. It is totally saturated and WET (yes its so dark because the wood is soo wet that it instantly makes anything that touches it SOAKED)

Now all this would be ok to live with if I knew that tomorrow he would be fixing this but no.....no, no, no. His dad will be here on Friday or Saturday to help on this project. Someone please, PLEASE tell me what to do for the next 3 days. How am I going to shower or pee w/o getting particle board splinters?


Alexis Jacobs said...

**thud** What a mess. I suggest wearing some rubber boots for the next few days.

it's me, Val said...

Even slippers??

So why is it wet? It shouldn't be, should it? Is there a leak? Is it rotten? Be careful cuz I can see someone going completely thru it! what is the plan? Oh my goodness I would not even know where to start! I'm sorry for this mess, Jamie!!

And you should have asked me about oil based paint because I would have said NEVER!!!

Leesha said...

OH MY! This is always how it goes...try to do one simple thing and then months & many $$ later!


Good Luck to ya!