Sunday, March 11, 2007

Newest Update!

No I haven't fallen off the planet. We are here being busy bee's but alas, the job is almost complete. We had our typical share of drama's such as, not being able to get the sink/vanity set I wanted due to our plumbing is done ass backwards and the first toilet we put in having a crack in it. And then when I finished painting, realizing that the 9 complete sets of towels in 3 different colors no longer worked in the bathroom haha!

But I made the 6 30 pm Sunday night mad dash to target and its Done!!

Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed in its beauty!!

I proudly give you my new bathroom

Now of course the colors aren't true in the pictures. The toilet is white as is the floor. All that we have left to do is touch up a couple ceiling spots, paint and put down new trim, and change out the electrical outlets and put on the new face plates. Oh and buy more towels since the new set I liked is $9.99 a towel. I got one set so far haha Ummm a bit pricey for my budget But... I am so in love with my bathroom. Its insane haha. Now if only I can find an elf to do my hall and living room.....


it's me, Val said...

Looks so great!!!!!! I love it!! Good job!!!!!!! Yay!!

So why did you have to give up all your towels?? I liked the colors you chose! The colors now are quite perty, but I liked the originals too! Tell us why, tell us why!

So how much did Mark help? That is the burning question.

Leesha said...

WOW! That is awesome!!!!!!

So happy that you are thrilled with the finished product.

My burning question is....How many candles are in your beautiful bathroom? (no pun intended!)