Friday, March 2, 2007

My Getting to know me post. (for new visitors)

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 5.

We live in Central Illinois.

I work part time in the "precious cargo transportation industry"
(hint I work same hours my children have school haha)
My husband of 12 years works long hours so I do most of the child rearing. And what a fabulous job I do at it.

My blog is a summary of the daily in's and out's of my motherhood/adulthood experiences.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me!


Michelle Potter said...

I love your blog title! What DOES happen if you send a mother to the store? (I hope she ends up with a cookie, at least! :) )

Love your job title, too. That's what my best friend's mom used to do! :)

it's me, Val said...

very cute intro, J! :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for stopping by my party & I’m glad to join in on yours, too. I am waving hi from Indiana!

Please be sure to check out a fun Bump! Photo Tag going on tomorrow! I’ll have a linky up … hope you’d like to play along and post your favorite pregnant belly pic!


Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party. It was nice to meet ya.

Party On!!

My first party favor give-away has started, when you get a chance come on over.

Qtpies7 said...

Haha! Gotta love your dd's paper! The innocence of childhood is incredible! I wish we could keep them that way.
Happy party week!

Jaime H. said...

Here via the party!! Nice to meet you!!

Marcie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet ya :)
I enjoyed reading yours also and seeing the cute pictures!