Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Burning Bathroom Questions Answered

Mark did all the work. He is getting a Good Boy Award. He even GASP
painted!!!! And Mark Does Not Paint. Granted he didn't do the color wash part or trim but he did help roll the base coat.

The trim is painted and going down right this second as I type this. (this means that Teddy is barking and attacking the nail gun hose haha) All Mark need to do when done with that is swap out the outlets. The reason we do this is because all the outlets are messed up (you have to leave things unplugged 1/2 way for them to work).

The reason I ended up taking back the first set of towels is because believe it or not it didn't match. The green/blue color went perfectly. However the moss green and the cream color didn't go. Now when I purchased those it was taking into mind that I would be getting a bone colored toilet and sink and oak vanity and medicine cabinet. Since we ended up doing the white with the shiny chrome and white porcelain accents on the towel racks, toilet paper roller, shower rod, and sink handles, the cream color wasn't going to well. My neighbors all agreed that it wasn't so good. And the walls ended up looking more teal than a dusty shade. BUT, I like this stuff much much more. I feel very relaxed and it gives it more of a CLEAN modern spa feel to it.

As for Candles, umm well I said to Mark the other day I wonder what scent Yankee Candle would go in there with those colors. I was threatened within an inch of my life haha. No candles, no way , no how are allowed in the bathroom EVER. so of course I asked about a potpourri burner hehe


it's me, Val said...

Ok so now the burning question is, why no candles? All this is quite interesting . . . I love reason! :)

So I love the white. I like it better than what I am picturing the oak to have looked like. I'm just so anti-oak. I think it all looks fabulous and you all did a great job. And wtg Mark on doing something great! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I bet it feels so good to have it all done. Can't wait to see it in June!!!

Leesha said...

So glad to hear its finished and you love it!

I'm sure it will be a wonderful retreat place for you....There is a lock on the door? LOL