Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peeking my head in

Hello everyone. Isn't this weather the worst? I am sitting here on April 13th watching the snow showers we are currently having. It. Sucks. Big

I know I have so much yard work to do this year and I am chomping at the bit to start it. All of my landscaping bricks tipped over this winter. I think it was because of the amount of rain we would get after a snow the ground was just so wet and saturated it gave way. I also have about 5 bushes, trees, and roses that need removed because they apparently didn't survive the drought last summer. I am really bummed but what can you do other than enjoy getting to pick out new stuff. We also still have Mt. Frederick on the side of the house from where they dug and buried the drainage pipes from the front yard all the way past our property line in the back. Talk about Ugly and such a PITA too because we can't cut across the yard to go to my favorite neighbors anymore you have to walk to the end of the driveway and walk in the street. Bummer!!

Anyway hopefully the weather will pick up soon. We did have a couple nice teaser day's last week. It was so nice to be able to take the dogs on walks around the neighborhood. They were very excited. I must admit though, if its under 60, I am not going out at all. I don't know what changed in my body this year but I am constantly freezing and shivering when it's under 50 people think I am nuts but I am just plain COLD all the time. Very strange.

This week will be a busy one. I am meeting good pal Val for a coffee on Monday. We will be going to St. Louis on Wed. for my shot. Then Thurs. I start therapy. Friday there is no school so the kiddies will be home. Then to end it all with a bang, we have the Show Choir Dinner Theater on Saturday. Fun Fun Fun. We also have a family reading night shoved in there somewhere with Han's class doing a performance. Usually we have nothing at all going on. NOTHING.

That about sums up life here. Hope the week goes well for everyone.

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it's me, Val said...

So fun to see you today. Like good times :) I think Noah was jealous. He talked about Ashley and Hannah the rest of the day. Good luck Wednesday. I hope it helps . . . ((hugs))