Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So today marks a week since my doctor appointment. I think I am more frustrated now that I was then. I felt a bit hopeful that things might be OK. Since Friday's cancellation, I called the canceling Doctor Monday to find out what the reason what he canceled.

The nurse said it was because he didn't feel comfortable administering the shot to some one my age............ What.The.Hell.Does.That.Mean??

Anyway so I called the St. Louis guy to see who he recommended. Well he knew of no one in the area so I am going back to St. Louis on the 16th for my wonderful shot.

But hey, at least I start the Physical Therapy on Friday. WRONG.

As I sat at the computer this morning, the phone rang. It was a woman calling to ask me if I was aware that I missed my 10 am PT appointment today.. ...... Um no I didn't miss my 10 am appointment because my appointment is Friday. Well needless to say I was given the wrong day and it's 2 weeks before I can now get in.

So I guess the week of the 14th will be the week. On a good note, I have been a very very good girl and taking my pills every day. HaHa. I must love that shrimp supplement.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

At least you got a few weeks without the added appts. Hope everything else goes smoothly ((hugs))