Friday, March 28, 2008

Dr.'s and Other Updates

I haven't posted for a bit so I thought I would do a quick catch up.

We had a quiet un-eventful Easter, which was wonderful.
Tuseday, Mark and I drove to St. Louis to see the Orthopedic Specialist.
All went well I guess. They took lots of X-rays, and bended my legs in all different ways. I walked in feeling fine and walked out in horrible pain. It. Sucked. Ass

They informed me that I had too much arthritis around my hip joints to do the surgery they thought they would be able to do. So they came to the decision of me getting a Cortisone Shot in the hip joint. Then follow up with Physical Therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I also need to consistently take my Naproxen pills daily to reduce swelling of arthritis and then take Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills to juice up my joints daily.

Hopefully this will make it better. If not , then we will be looking at a hip replacement, sigh not what I want to do by any means.

Now that being said I was a good girl and came home and the very next day called my doctor to get these appointments made. And we did!! Monday at 9:30 I go for my shot sniff sniff, and then Friday at 10 am, I go start my PT.

Then at 4:45 pm today (Friday) I get a phone call from my Dr's office telling me that the Orthopedic Dr here in Decatur is not comfortable administering my shot and that I need to go to the Dr in St. Louis for it.

So now here I sit with no way to figure out a solution until Monday rolls around. And there is no way in Hell I will be able to get this damn shot before my PT on Friday.

Sigh does it ever end???


it's me, Val said...

I wonder if that is because the Ortho surgeon in Decatur wasn't the doctor who saw you?? (And why didn't he see you? Or has he?) Doctors who aren't your primary doctor don't like to do things without being the ones to order the tests, shots, etc. I'm sorry, Jamie! I'm also sorry you're in so much pain! We must have been at our doctors this week at the same time. When do you need to go to St. L? Maybe I could take you or ride along???

Alexis Jacobs said...

At least you got some answers and hopefully this helps with the pain. ((hugs))