Saturday, December 1, 2007


Wow so last night was quite the Xperience (haha). I had to work from 5-9:30 at the Majestic Bingo Hall towards fundraising for Show Choir.

I must be honest I was extremely nervous. Have you ever seen the old people with their bingo? It's some serious stuff. Most of the people there were nice (the fellow workers) some were not. It was easy but I felt abit of a hooker. Walking up and down up and down the isles yelling "Pull tabs" "ButtCrack" "RedNeck" "IttyBittyBankers" "Anyone Need Beans?, ButtCrack, RedNeck?"

You get moments of pleading "puppies?? anyone want puppies?" I thought that if my voice was really pathetic they would buy but no if there is a good bingo going they ignore you. And it didn't help that there was 7 of us out on the floor for a room of maybe 100 people at the very very most.

But the things you see. You get your ladies who know they aren't moving so they buy 3 drinks and line them up along the table. You have your people who bring in their own computer type games to play while using a bingo computer to play all at the same time. And the good luck charms!!
You of course have your trolls. There was a giant wooden frog, special dollars with colored daub spots all over them. An American Flag, pictures of their grand kids. Soo much to see!

And the amount of money they spend Holy Cow!!!! I sold about $3,500 in pull tabs. And I sold the fewest because they realized pretty quick I was no luck lady haha. I couldn't even go in the "dungeon" (no smoking room) because Ashley's teacher from last year was in there and she played Bingo with me once and then didn't win again for 7 months!! haha. She knows all about my bad luck curse haha.

The highlight of the evening was when I had two ladies yell for pull tabs at the same time and I went to the one I was closest to first they were a table apart. I sold the lady $20 of bean cards, turned around and sold the other lady $15 of bean cards. Well the first lady ended up winning $100 so the other lady kept making comments ALL NIGHT that she was going to kick my white racist ass for selling the other lady her winning ticket. I was a bit shaking in my keds!!

But all ended well and I will probably do it again but after January when it goes all NO SMOKING!!! I am so excited haha. The smoke was so thick in there I had a headache in the first 5 minutes.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Ahhhhhh memories of playing Bingo. I think we should do it next time I am in town and it is smoke free. I'd love to get me some buttcrack.