Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Perfomance

Ash had her first performance last night. Along with Eisenhower Elite Energy, and the Thomas Jefferson Music Machine, the John's Hill Xperience had their Holiday Preview Show. It was AMAZING!
I have to warn TJ that if their performance last night was any indication of how they will do at competitions, they are going to lose to us every time. I am not saying this because we are in JHX but because we truly were so much better haha.
Anyway the EEE had many solo's then TJMM did their act in khaki's and polo's. It was not so great. Especially after such great performance's by the High School kids. I was very very worried of how bad the X kidss were going to be. But alas they were awesome. Their opener was "We got it Going On" by Bon Jovi. It really got the audience to sit up and take notice. And it only got better from there. Where TJ left you in pain, JH got you tapping your feet and clapping. Thank goodness our outfits came in in time to wear. It definitely made a great impression right from the get go.
Then EEE closed out the show with an excellent performance with their entire group. Hannah was in awe of the costumes. Mark who is NOT INTO this stuff actually enjoyed it for a change. It will be an interesting and fun season to be sure.
When the show was over, we were greeted by Tons of Snow!! Mark went to get the car and while us girls were walking out, we didn't see him because our silver van was totally white lmao. We walked right past him and him us because it was snowing so hard. Luckily I saw the license plate as we passed and back tracked.
On a side note, we cracked up at Ashley's hair all night. Now that I know what they want the hair to look like, I will take over the roll of her hair stylist. She looked like a French Poodle with her do. If your wondering how much product a 12 year old needs to achieve this look here you go!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I love the outfit! Sounds like the show was a hit. WTG Ash :)

it's me, Val said...

She looks so so so grown up!!! Wow.

Glad she did so well. Sounds really fun. And to be greeted by tons of snow . . . nothing better. :)