Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Possible Answer to Prayers?

OK I had to blog this. Did you know you can take pictures and actually look thinner? Now any of you who know me, I positively hate having my picture taken. I look and them and think , OH Crap when did I turn into a blimp?? Now don't get me wrong , I know when and how (it was the cheese cake, ice cream, pasta, ok anything I put in my mouth that I know I shouldn't). I am not in denial I know how I got this way and I know how to change it.

That being said you rarely see pictures of me but the short term answer to my prayers has finally come!! They now make camera's with a slimming feature!! I am not kidding I couldn't make this up. HP has many camera's with this. You have to check it out.

But with technology comes down sides. I would know that just because a person looked thinner in the picture , they would still not be thin. But most importantly, what would this do to the online dating community?? You hear horror stories of people who "fall in love" online only to meet in person and the other be a much much larger version of who they described themselves as or even sending someone else's picture. But what if you were sent a picture where the person made them selves slimmer with the camera tools. It is a picture of them........ sort of.

What do you all think of this??

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Marcie said...

I say it doesn't matter....a way to look thinner without dieting and exercise(even if it is just in pictures)...my goodness...Jesus is smiling down on us and telling us to enjoy an extra slice n bake!