Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sweet Tea Boycot

I think I should boycott McDonald's. When visiting states on the East Coast, You can get GIANT glasses of Sweet Tea from the McD's for a $1.

This is such a great deal and it doesn't leave me with the over load corn syrup , carbonation combo upset stomach soda gives me.

The Problem? You can't order Sweet Tea in Decatur. Hell for all I know all of IL. I asked them tonight "Why don't you guys sell Sweet Tea in Decatur" The lady gave me some crap line about how there wouldn't be consistency to it. Then she said because.......... are you ready for this............ no one asks for it. Ummmm hello so is that how it works?? You have to keep asking for an item before they will consider carrying it?? If that's the case, I ask all fellow readers and McDonald's customers to please PLEASE ask for Sweet Tea every time you place an order. Hell I think we should all call a store everyday till they carry it!!


leeshaswafford said...

Arby's sells sweet tea! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

So when I come to visit next time I will strap on a thick heavy southern drawl and goto every McD's and ask for sweet tea. And hey while we are at it, let's send emails to corporate McD. Until then I guess you will just have to ask Mark to bring back sweet tea from CB.

L~ is Arby's brewed tea? I thought their's was in the soda machine?

Val, that's me said...

I think you'd have to go deeper than just asking for it at McD's. You have to write the company. Over and over and over. Then it MIGHT happen. lol