Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gift Exchange

So the idea of gift exchanges is a good one sometimes. I always try to put lots of thought into keeping within the price limit. So this year we had a $5 limit. OK we can do good with this right?? I went to Target and they had $1 sets of food from DQ (like ice cream sandwiches, and blizzards) so we got one of those, a basket with fruit, a basket with veggies, a tray of meat items, and a server with dairy products and then a bonus apron to really get into the theme.

So the teacher planed out a system so all the kids would exchange gifts girls to girls boys to boys. All nice and well intended. So the kids swapped gifts and opened them. Hannah got a nice Ballerina Barbie. (as in the real deal barbie) Some of the other gifts were the dollar barbie knock offs , one girl got a Bike Horn and a pair of Flip Flops?? a stuffed dog, a cell phone toy. you get the idea.

So anyway the girl who received Hannah's gift was admiring Hannah's barbie. She said how much she liked it and wished she had one. Of course my wonderful daughter being so nice like her mom said if you like it I will trade it and you can have it and I will take your gift.

so yes all said and done we came home with the gift we brought. Now I am not complaining because its a good gift but ugh I didn't want all these things at MY HOUSE!!

On a good note boy these parents really get into the party's. We came home with a KROGER PAPER BAG full of stuff. I took in a bag of candy. Parents sent in FILLED GIFT BAGS!!! I felt like a total loser cheapskate. I will so do better for V-day.


Alexis Jacobs said...

At least it wasn't a bike horn ;)

Val, that's me said...

That was soooo sweet of Hannah. Tell her I said that, too.