Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Poor Pebbles

So we got a call from our vet today. Our youngest baby is diseased!!
To Start from the beginning we adopted Pebbles from the Humane Society. Hannah picked him out as her birthday present. He was hyper , obnoxious and lovable. We had to have him. The day after we took him home I noticed he was having problems breathing. Of course it was a Saturday so we had to wait till Monday to call them. When we got a hold of someone there, they said that he had in fact recently had a respiratory infection that they would pay for us to bring him in to their vet. So we did and they gave him some amox. That worked for awhile. Well due to the power outage, Pebbles got the sniffles again. So first thing the Monday following we got him in the vet. The gave us moxi again and took some blood to see why he keeps getting sick. The amox works till its all gone then he sounds like an ill sniffy child again. So we go the results. He is borderline positive for Bartonella (cat scratch fever basically) there are different strains of this apparently and the one he has causes URI. Poor baby. So now we had to special order some amoxicillin to have delivered to our house for a month long treatment and hopefully our baby will be all better. Here is another story I found of a similar circumstance.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Poor little guy. I hope the meds help him have a speedy recovery.