Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Calm After the Storm

We have survived. It was pure hell but we made it. I am not going to post to much on this subject because to be honest, I am sick of it. I was horrible and I am tired of even thinking of it. Here is the low-down

Thursday night around 9 pm, the power went out due to a neighbor's tree falling on the lines.

Friday we stayed with a neighbor two doors down for heat. Mark didn't go into work until about 3 hours after his scheduled shift because the majority of Decatur was w/o power including Cracker Barrel. They were up and running by 3pm. After short calls to all family and friends everyone we knew was in the same boat as us. We did the CB for dinner with in laws

Saturday we went to in-laws to clean up since they at least had gas water heater. Hannah had her Christmas Ballet Recital then afterwards mil and I did our Christmas Shopping. (Had to have a break away haha) but driving thru town was unbelievable. We just couldn't get over the amount of damage we (the town) had sustained. Around 6pm we met the guys and kids at Ruby Tuesday for dinner and found out they had just restored power to their house. (They were the only house in their neighborhood w/o power go figure) So we loaded up clothes and stayed at their house that night.

Sunday spent at in laws. Heard sucky news that school was going to be in session. JOY not only did 1/2 or more of the town have no power, but we are going to send all the bus drivers out to dodge lines and trees to pick up kids. So I went home with Kerosene heater in tow and rounded up the dogs and cats and slept in the cold house. (now my plan here was to a) not wake up in-laws house, and b) keep all animals alive in the freezing cold.

Monday trooped off to work what can I say it sucked only had one student for my usual 37 on the first route then had 5 of 20 on second.
went to in laws after work got kids ready for home and trooped back home for the pets.

Tuesday same deal sucky day no power, cold whats there to say

Wed Good news Ashley got to go back to school. (French was one the last to get power back.) When I got off work at 5 (routes still suck and everyone is getting sick of detouring) I called the house and the answer machine came on wooo hooo we have power. I ran home grabbed the kids and Hannah's ballet attire, ran to in laws packed up the house (it seemed as though we had moved in) did ballet at the Y had dinner with FIL and home to bed.

Thursday exhausted trying to get thru the day and figuring out what needed to be replaced in fridge as everything was bad

Friday suffering thru day to get to weekend to rest!!

Saturday Yeah we made it stayed in bed till noon haha

Sunday (Today) cleaning entire house to get back to normal. We have achieved regular old house status finally :)


Alexis Jacobs said...

I am so glad you are back safe and sound. I forgot to ask... how much damage was done to Nancy's house?

Val, that's me said...

i'm so glad you are back, too. was h-e-l-l wasn't it?!