Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring in my step

I love spring. I love love love spring. It is by far my most favorite season.

I love the new buds on the tree's, I love the different colors of the blooming varieties. I love the bulb flowers that are so vibrant and beautiful after a long dreary winter. I love the sound of all the birds chirping first thing in the morning. I love the chilly beginning of the day and the slow gradual stripping of clothing as the sun warms you up each hour.

With all the hip stuff going on, it has been my goal to become more active. To get up off my lazy butt and move. I would tend to not exert energy in taking long walks because I knew it would hurt at some point. But alas,,,,, as we all know not moving causes....... weight gain.

Well I have made a deal with myself and it's one I promise to keep. So at least 3 nights a week, I have been taking walks around the neighborhood to get my body moving. And I must say I have a Spring in my step. What better time of year to get out and enjoy the daily changes in the surroundings. I have to admit this is one of the best advantages of living so close to the lake. Watching the water slap against the shore with the ducks and geese bobbing in the water. I love it. (Have I mentioned that?)

Yesterday (this is shocking!!) I took the girls to Fairview Park and we took a bike ride. Imagine little Hannah peddling the 4.28 miles from Fairview to the Rock Springs Center and back!!!! It was quite the haul to get her there; and lots of tears and loud shouting back and forth with me cheering her on; but the smile of pride and joy on her face when I showed her how far she went while driving. She couldn't believe it was the equivalent of going from Fairview to Staley Bridge!! That totally wowed her. And the ride thru the woods was so beautiful and peaceful (when she wasn't screaming that is).

So our goal is to find 3 more bike trails to try this spring. If you know of any good one's please let me know.

All that said, Happy Spring Everyone!!


it's me, Val said...

Good job, Jamie and good job, Hannah! We've done that bike trail many a times. Noah never was old enough to, but Neil and I have. It's not easy! Lots of big hills. So way to go, Hannah!

Other trails? Out there in Forsyth there are some really good ones. I honestly don't think Decatur has any more than that to offer! It's sad! You guys need to just come here, bring her bike, and we can walk walk walk. That would be really fun, actually. Let's do that, ok? We can ride to DQ and I could take you to the cute shops in town and we can just look and not buy. Let's do that!


it's me, Val said...

Another idea is Nelson, although it's not long by any means.

Brigitte said...

Way to go, I will have to borrow Stanley's bike and we will go for a ride when I come back! Of course, I might cry just like little Hannah! I'm very impressed with her, I just bought an electric scooter for little Maddie to go 2 miles!

Alexis Jacobs said...

WTG!! I am so proud of you :)