Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One room down

So... busy, busy, busy is the name of the game. I haven't gotten dressed in days but the living room is nearing the end!! I am learning patience with all this work but that's good right? Last night I wanted to sleep on the couch so I could keep looking at my fab walls going ,I think I like this.

On the heels of all my work, I am taking today off and Ashley and I are going to take a free day and go to Six Flags just the two of us and blow off some steam. (thru work, they are taking a bus and since we have the season passes it only cost us $2 per person for bus fare (haha) and then the cost of what ever we spend while there so fits in the budget nicely.) Then Wednesday its back to work. So much to do and my time off is dwindling down. I have no idea where my summer has gone.

But with our good friends from NC coming to visit next week, I can't wait for them to see the difference I have made in house. I am very excited to share!!

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it's me, Val said...

I can't wait to see your house. I need to get to yours and you need to be introduced to my new dwelling. Hope you can come over soon!