Friday, December 29, 2006

Kids Incorporated

Flash back....... mid 80's , Saturday mornings, what do you watch on TV?

Kids Incorporated of course. It was the best show ever if you were a young girl in the 80's they had the coolest clothes, best hair, and sang awesome songs. You just had to sing along. My dad always made sure he was out of the house by the time it came on and heaven forbid my parents try to get me out of the house while it was on.

It had character's you loved like hunky Ryan, Martika who was the coolest, Mario who was a dancer and a drummer, Stacie who had the best hair ever.

Well we know that some grew up to make it past the show

Mario Lopez was on Saved by the Bell, then went on and on. He has even done Dancing with the Stars. Guess he was a dancer all along haha and boy is he HOT

Martika had her hit while still young we all remember "Toy Soldier"

Jennifer Love Hewitt has had several TV shows, movies , even an album. She is currently on her own show "Ghost Whisper "

but ..... did you know FERGIE??? OK I am embarrassed to say I am in love with Fergie how can you not sing along when you hear "How come every time you come around My London London bridge wanna go down" or what about "Fergalicious"? I should have known that I was in love with her from way back when!!! Now I don't feel so bad I can say I have been a fan of Fergie since way back when , I have always been a supporter haha.

Now for anyone else wanting to take a trip back down the Kids Incorporated memory lane go here!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I LOVED KI!! Even Matt had their record. LOL

Val, that's me said...

I LOVED THEM TOO! I think all 3 of us would have been friends if we would have gone through grade school together! :)