Sunday, December 31, 2006

First Impressions

OK any of you who knows me really well knows I am not good at first impressions.

Some examples:

Mark (my dh) I started working and he was one of my bosses. His boss told him I had 8 kids. I did not know this. He asked me how I dealt with so many children, (not knowing what exactly he was talking about (there was a lot of kids in the dinning room at that time) I said throw food at them and hope they shut up? Of course he was a bit taken back at this comment probably thinking he should call DCFS on me.

Alexis: She joins the play group. Since none of us have met before, I couldn't remember who was who. She tells me Hannah was cute so I said "do you want to hold her?" she said no but I kept saying no its OK here take her. After I got home and someone explained why she didn't want to hold her I could have died. (and cried which I did!) The latest.........

My new neighbor..... The family next door sold their house and moved out. I have been going on and on about how excited I am and that I hope a young (under 50) family moves in. In passing since Friday, I have seen a younger guy, older people (parents most likely) and a young girl Ashley's age, and a woman. Last night while doing laundry I saw thru their kitchen window a woman holding a baby. I was sooo excited not only were they our age but kids this was like a triple bonus in my mind!! So today I was grooming the dogs and in the back yard when the guy pulled in with his truck to unload stuff. I said "Oh hello, I am Jamie are you the owner of the house now?" He said "Yes hi I am Brian" I said Oh I have a brother named Bryan. How funny, Are you married?? (now again this is because I am excited to have another female on the block that I might be able to talk to yada yada you know how it is when you have no life) To my horror he said "NO" so of course I said why not?? he shrugged and said just not. I said a deflated "oh" and start talking about what trash the old owner was and we were talking about the disarray they left the house in. At this point another truck pulls up and a woman get out who is pregnant and walks up and wraps her arms around him and I was saying do you mind dogs? mine do bark. She said Oh no we love dogs we have a black lab.......... OK as you can guess I am pretty confused at this point.

First,,,,,,,, who is this woman? his girlfriend?? and why didn't he introduce us? Who is the young girl I saw? and worst of all


so thank goodness Hannah came out so I said this is my daughter Hannah, I have another inside named Ashley and then my husband Mark who is at work welcome to the neighborhood and thank goodness you have great weather to move in, I should let you go..............(while I go die in a hole somewhere in my house....... where is that bottle of wine I started last night omg)


Val, that's me said...

Oh don't worry. you say lots of crazy things to neighbors. it's normal :) i can bet these people will one day become friends and you'll be looking back with them laughing :)

Happy New Year, Jamie!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I think we all have moments like these. :-)