Monday, September 10, 2007

What's for Dinner

Awhile ago I was going to post our dinner menu from time to time and didn't do to well at keeping up with it.

Now that school is going again , I thought I would try one more time.

So last night's menu was.........

Chicken Parmesan
Rotini Pasta with Alfredo sauce
and for dessert we had Chocolate Molten Cake

Of course we had very mixed reviews.

Mark, not liking pasta only ate the chicken... after he scrapped off all sauce and breading and only ate the bread portion of the Bruschetta. The cake, he didn't like at all because, 1) he isn't a desert fan, 2) since it was semi sweet, it wasn't sweet enough for him therefore I put arsenic in it and was trying to kill him.

Hannah, doesn't like chicken so she only ate pasta but loved the cake and offered to eat daddy's

Ashley loved everything but the pasta because she only like red sauce and not white (her words) She had 4 pieces of Brushetta.

Me I loved it all even the cake until I just not looked at nutrition value and will never make again because I have 3 cakes left and have to now give them away or I will gain 20 lbs by eating just one more........

(now, cooking notes)
if you make the Brushetta, I learned that you can enjoy the next day also but if any leftover bread is now soft, toss in toaster!!

Chicken Parmesan Jamie's way,
drag chicken breast in whipped egg, dip in Italian bread crumbs with a bit of Parmesan cheese. Repeat again.
Place Chicken on foil lined cookie sheet. Cook in oven for 20 min. in 450 degree oven.
Transfer chicken to baking dish. Add one jar of spaghetti sauce top with mozzarella cheese and sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Bake 10 more minutes.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Chicken Parmesan is on my list once it cools enough to use the oven. Yummy yummy!