Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am a mean dog owner

So sign me up for dog abuse.

In our cozy house, we have two beautiful (when properly groomed) male Shelties. Anyone who knows the breed knows how they are herding dogs. So of course they herd. And of course along with the herding...... comes the barking.

Now I don't believe in debarking. I firmly believe dogs should bark when feeling threatened or in the need to protect their family and such.

However if you have ever come to my house, or called my house, you would know that MY SHELTIES bark.... at..... EVERYTHING.
The wind changes direction, we bark.
A leaf falls from a tree, we bark.
A car goes down the road 3 streets away, we bark.
You open the dvd player, we bark.

You get the picture. This doesn't include the time they bark where its to be expected like the Mail lady, the door bell, someone going outside w/out them, things like that.

So after 7 years .....yes 7 (I can be a bit slow sometimes and am known for giving many many chances to correct behavior on its own) long bark filled years , we purchased a bark collar.

And after 3 "tickles" as we call it for the kids. My house is silent. And this is with only one dog wearing the collar. The younger dog is confused why the bigger one yelped those 3 times , he is just plain terrified of anything right now.

Now as proof of this miracle quiet maker, yesterday (actual full day one with collar) we had about 10 men next to our house removing a tree. I am talking chain saws, cranes, trucks, chippers, the whole bit and never a bark. I have a set of windows that was right next to the action and the dogs stood and watched but never a bark.

I love being mean. I love the quiet. I am now in heaven.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

It is amazing how different it is when I was talking to you. I still need to call at mail time :)