Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Vacation

Ho Hummm so I had wonderful plans of having lazy days hanging out in my wonderful back yard catching up on all my reading. As usual things are not going as planned.

Ashley refuses to partake in ANY summer activities. I have tried bribing her any way I can think of. The kids are not grasping the facts that all chores must be done before we can even think of doing anything fun. So therefore they are spending day after day holed up in their rooms making bigger messes than what they had to start with.

And I have spent day after day online looking for just the perfect things to do on our upcoming family vacation (I have issues booking hotels some sort of commitment phobia thing) only to find the best offer ever and get excited and have Mark call me two hours later saying oh by the way I have to work so my days are shifting..........sigh I give up

On the plus side, I have cleaned and organized the Kitchen, Living Room, and now our Bedroom. Which is all fine and dandy but that means that all there is left to do is............ paint............sigh again another commitment issue. I have needed to paint my bedroom for about 4 years or so..... I just can't decide on a color and don't want to take on the task of destroying the room to get everything out to paint. Same with the Living Room. It will be a major job because we need to paint the ceilings so that means I have to paint the hall way, living room, entryway, then the dinning room and kitchen all at the same time because the ceiling is all connected sigh.......... makes me have a panic attack just thinking about it.........

Anyway I guess it has to be done right?? So my goal is this week make it to the store to pick out colors for the bedroom. Start out small right? My other goal this week is to paint the bathroom closet to get me back in painting mode.

So I challenge all my readers to post a small goal of a task you have put off all year.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Wait until I come to paint. You know that painting isn't any fun without me. That is when we have the real stories to tell.

it's me, Val said...

Hopefully I can help you this week with ideas before we leave on vacation. What day do you wanna get together? Sorry Ash isn't cooperating. I'd say do just as you're doing and make plans to do fun things for yourself. You deserve that.