Monday, June 18, 2007

Horse Camp Week Two

Ashley so has every one's number. She will be attending Horse Camp again this week where she will learn to two-point, cantering, patterns, games, jumping, and more.

Now I am happy that she is again going to have this opportunity. I am very pleased with myself also as a parent because I had nothing to do with this this time. I told her if she wanted to go she needed to find a way to round up the $250 fee. So she took to begging, borrowing, and stea........ok no she didn't steal haha. She is borrowing from her bank account for a small portion and she begged for the rest. She called up all grannies, and then begged, and begged dad. At the end there was mention to us paying for the monthly lessons after the week was over sigh......... looks like horses may become the norm for the Frederick Family after all.............

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